Tuesday, 1 December 2009

NDE - Krieg Blut Ehre Asche

This, Xulborgs...is VERY much worth your attention.
This is Black Metal blown apart, and molded back together with Martial Industrial and Noise elements, truly horrible in its purpose, destructive and with the simple goal of tormenting your senses into running out into the street warning the public about what you just heard, and that it should be destroyed, only this can't be killed, it can't be stopped. This is powerful and grim, and surprisingly Belgian.
Xul can't get enough of this right now, it's storming through today into tomorrow, this is a superb direction for BlackMetal to wander into in more depth, problem being that once you walk into this urban wasteland, you may not want to come back. Let's not fukk around, grab this now.
[Note, this is my band of the month for November, as I'm late with this post.]


  1. Fukking bravo on this one.

  2. The only way to listen to this, is to grit your teeth and shit yourself.

  3. not bad for your typical stuck up brit batty...Stockwell's dominant Portuguese/west indian presence taking its toll on you for sure.