Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Ras Algethi

One of the most passionate doom albums to ever appear. This is right up there with Monumentum as far as its ability to portray that warmth of their region in the sound...
Warmth in doom? Yes... Not all is snow covered. Ras Algethi's charm is their ability to convey their world to you. The feeling of sitting in a public square and watching the people walk around in their daily lives as you feel completely detached from your human existence. Aliens, strangers... just insects in their hive. Your own existence being not that of a human being, but of a watcher of the World. The sight of the children laughing in the shadow of a ruined church.. The open market fruit sellers throwing away the rejections of their crop. The whores walking the street to lure in the tourists... The drunkards begging for money to get them through just one more night of existence. All the while you are completely detached from this existence, just watching the simple day unfold like its own breathing work of art. All in shades of gray from a sun that sets to send them all home to their lives, leaving the square an empty and beautiful place once the ugliness of life is removed from it. The ethereal plane is a release, and Ras Algethi touched it...


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