Sunday, 27 December 2009

Devil Doll

One of the most unique, mysterious, confusing and outright mythological bands to appear in the rock / metal / progressive / gothic worlds, period. To sum this up with a few sentences does it no justice whatsoever. Definitely a project that nothing short of genius bordering on madness. That being probably the most true statement you will ever read on the project. More or less the vision of one man, "Mr Doctor", he composes the music in the spirit of old theater and horror and brings it to the rock world via a full orchestra backed with a rock band. But such injustice is brought with that simple description. This is a band that truly captures you, forces you to understand his world, his words and his mind. A frightening look into the face of true dementia. His voice carrying so many characters within it... The music unfolding its story with each passing moment, and with each moment, a new view into its world. While an artist like King Diamond is well known for his tale weaving in music, Mr Doctor is on an even higher plane of existence. Telling his stories over the length of a symphony instead of 4 minute snippets of metal...
Don't listen to this band under your normal music routines... they deserve so much more from you. This should be absorbed like a piece of art. Create an atmosphere to listen to it in... Dim the lights, light candles to create shadow play. Listen on headphones or a decent stereo. Above all, listen to these and then track down the albums. These need to be in your collection as vital treasures and crown jewels.
Included here are the five available works of Devil Doll. My words can do no justice to the magic of this act. Of all the postings on Xul Lessons that are considered essential, consider this to be a command.


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