Friday, 18 December 2009

Blood Axis

Michael Moynihan wears some different faces for his productivity, writer, scholar, musician... Blood Axis is his main project and oh what a beast it is. Tied to the neofolk and martial industrial scenes he came across more as "Boyd Rice Jr." in his earlier days, only with much less of a sense of humor. Much more serious in his love of Eurocentric art and culture. Very serious in tone, it's hard to ignore his messages when he declares he is the War God. It's refreshing to know that he treats his child seriously enough that he feels no need to be prolific. He puts out material on his own terms, when he feels like it. But so cruel that can be when you create magic like this... Not just a band, but an experience in each album. Featured here are his main works. The two albums (which on the live album begins his collaboration with Annabel Lee from Amber Asylum), then the two albums released as his collaboration with long running experimental artist Les Joyaux De La Princesse. None of these are to be missed. Definitely a band you can kill a party with, leave this to your nights of battling madness in isolation.


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