Monday, 21 December 2009


Once again, for those who hold an interest for less well known acts, thanks to the NebulaCruiser-Xul search shuttle, I bring you Drastus.
It's little wonder that this man is from France, a place that despite its faults, produces some excellent black metal in recent years.
You can hear that Drastus is a serious fellow, thoery nerds need to avoid this, as it will only boggle them and have them asking questions about moronic things, at the end of the day, we don't need to know what he's exactly playing, this works, it works well and it punches said nerds inside their stomachs, the same kinda pain I'm sure they feel when they wave goodbye to their girlfriends with tears in their eyes and thumbs up their fukking arses.
These releases hold alot of spirit, and you can hear the oil pumping through this machine, dark and aggressive, moody and relentless, we don't need to worry about much else, this is what Black Metal is.
If you don't understand that, go eat your fukking hands and log onto your 'music' forum.
If you enjoy the more sinister side to life and get off on visions of power and planet crushing might, download.

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