Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Aluk Todolo

Ever wandered the streets at 4am after a night of drinking, attempted rape and vomiting? I thought so.
And have you ever wondered to yourself during your unstable staggering mission to find a quick way home, or maybe, a cheap hooker to bed up with for the night, what on earth would the soundtrack be to this wonderful evening?
This is your answer.
This is your answer to alot of things in your life.
This the the backing music to the scumbag cruising through the night, looking for his version of "fun", drugs, booze, whores, maybe some minor one sided violence, and undoubtedly a great spot to shit in public for all to see. This is perfect.
The next time you're getting ready to hit the town for a night out, throw this on and inspire yourself for scummery. Just make sure you shave your pubic hair so you don't leave anything behind at the crime scene.

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