Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christian Death

Goth... such a misunderstood music genre which unfortunately tends to get overlooked by so many just for the amusing appearances and antics of a fan base that usually know little, if anything, about the subculture they attach an identity to. As usual, Xul knows the score. Xul knows what caverns to find the real deal and this is it. One of the most vital goth albums, period. The early years of a young Rozz Williams still young and bright eyed in his controversial heroin loaded career The sound of young'ns banging away on their instruments in a punk influenced trip that would eventually result in a lengthy career that saw the band pulling their own Napalm Death. That's right, none of the people you see in Christian Death are from the original lineup. Due to various soap opera tales not worthy of Xul we won't discuss that, but know, this is the most legendary album of the group. In its original incarnation. By all means explore this one if even slightly interested in what real goth is.


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