Friday, 25 June 2010

NebulaCruiser-Xul Damage report.

As the header states, the NebulaCruiser-Xul has come to a halt.
During its voyages through the extreme and grim it has taken many knocks and luvanblasts, so it's about time that some treatment was involved.
Thus no reports shall be filed untill the Xulim are happy with how NC-X is refurbished.

So enjoy the above image as it shall be the last for a while.

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I've waited...5-6 years for this?
Ordered it over a year ago and it arrived yesterday...
So if you don't know this band, think Kataxu and early Emperor with a large sound, polished high class keys and deep vocals.
Hunt down the EP that laid the way for this one.
Fukk off.


From Germany, some of the most random shit thrown together in all seriousness, the keys never seem to fit the guitar, or the beat, but it works for me.
Because at the heart of all this, Xul is there, vowing to continue promoting the mysteries of the beyond, whilst giving you soundtracks to jerk off onto a kittens face.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Ahab-The Call of the Wretched Sea

Funeral doom at its best. If you are interested in this genre and have yet to hear anything this is the ideal place to start. Ahab create a trippy dense atmosphere that far outshines other funeral doom acts. Slow and crushing but never boring. This album is ideal for late nights fueled by hallucinogens or dissociatives.

Let the tide pull you under

De Silence et d'Ombre - 3: The Fall

If you're a follower of this blog you'll know of this French act.
Space being the issue at hand, and the music following that in a dark, powerful and haunting way.
So this is the new album, and if you enjoyed the previous works, you'll most certainly dig this.
If you didn't, no one gives a fukk, go to another blog.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Abominable Iron Sloth-The Id Will Overcome

The latest thousand pound slab of churning hell from the pissed off fuckers of The Abominable Iron Sloth. If waking up to find yourself buried alive with the weight of the world atop your wooden nightmare is your thing, then let this record be your backing track.

Cry to your god

Genocrush Ferox

So here I am on the toilet, thumbing through "Swedish Death Metal" in the band section and came across this description "I want to play like seagulls, backwards.". That will grab my attention instantly any day. So I look em' up and am treated to what sounds like a bunch of Swedes that learned how killer Vital Remains are (pre Benton, of course). They cranked out 2 demos which were a nice and ugly fusion of the two national styles, had them compiled for this release and then called it a day... Definitely some quality shit.


Abscess - Seminal vampires and maggot men

Abscess´s proper debut album after the "urine junkies" collection of demos ...
... just as sick,ugly and thumping as anything Autopsy ever did .
Who the hell cares if there´s more emphasis on punk than there is on doom or whatever this time around?
It´s still Chris Reifert
it´s still the definition of DEATH METAL !!!!!!

G.G.F.H.(Global Genocide Forget Heaven)

Avoiding the lame and boring "essay" on the subject lets just say that it made perfect sense for a substancial amount of people involved in the late 80s/early90s Death-Black underground scene to welcome USA´ G.G.F.H. as one of their own so to speak...
...releases through a Peaceville sub-label?Yes .
Tours with My dying bride who at the time were widely perceived as a Death-Doom outfit...all factual,yes ,
yet the main reason for this unlikely acceptance is much opposed to their peers in Skinny Puppy,Coil,Ministry ,etc etc GGFH un/consciously opted for a language which was way closer to that of Death-Black underground:
The Satanic trait was there (LaVeyan sort of individualist/Hedonistic crap but yeah) ;
the "lo-fi" production/performance values;
the stage show even ,which was basically a reflection of the themes explored on the albums(TV sets transmiting random images of snuff,porn ,assorted so called human perversions,religious junk,bloodbuckets,evisceration of stuffed dolls ,you get the picture).
On the other hand their peers looked either tame in comparison or made impenetrable by a much more complex language which was of no relevance whatsoever to what was being answered by/asked of metal ...
(tiresome) here´s hoping that was highly interesting and full of sense ... you have all my cds here(320kbps-I seem to enjoy this bit,as a matter of fact so much that I´m tempted to add that these are all out-of-print now ) and the 2005 SS album which I do not own etc etc

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Eat my Fuk - "Wet slit & a bottle of whiskey"

"Searching for books about the history of whisky, Amazon's superb software and search tool showed me this CD which I could never have imagined would come up in Amazon's website (check the titles!). To me Amazon is a "G" rated website. But with this example, it shows bad taste, bad judgement, interest in selling just about anything without quality control; quality meaning not just a non defective product but moral, ethical and intellectual quality. Amazon and Jeff Bezos, both highly praised for exceptional customer service, show their dark side, one not imagined, at least by me, as possible in this website. THUMBS DOWN AND SHAME ON YOU AMAZON AND JEFF(Benzos)!!!! "
Well ,it´s Chris Reifert(again) ,what is there to say ?
Highly recommended for fans of Emperor,Wagner,Nietzzzzzsche,french wines ,LaVey and all things intelligent/intellectual I guess ...

Friday, 11 June 2010

Disharmonic Orchestra

1st time I bumped into Disharmonic Orchestra coincided with the release of their debut Split with Pungent Stench which,if memory isn´t failing me,was one of Nuclear Blast´s 1st releases or maybe even the very first one(couldn´t be bothered to check this out)
...anyways,after having purchased said Split (at a time when Death/Grind was already a serious contender to usurp Thrash metal´s leading role as the ultimate,most extreme expression within the metal genre as a whole) I can´t really affirm that I was impressed by either Pungent stench or Disharmonic Orchestra - both seeemed 2nd rate(to say the least) to me when compared to say Death´s "Leprosy" or Napalm Death´s "From enslavement..." to name but two of those early death/grind albums which were absolutely consuming me at the time...well,in order not to make this very extensive lets move forward some months to the time Disharmonic´s "Expositionsprophylaxe" proper debut was released.
Now,this is a very different product altogether,I was instantly hooked by its intensity,extremity ,you name it.I still lump this together with a few selected early Death/grind classics such as Carnage´s "Dark recollections" or Cadaver´s "Hallucinating anxiety"etc,etc ... "Expositionsprophylaxe" was up to par with all its peers and managed to sound like nothing else at the same time.
Well, in between the relentless death/grind assault that was the "expositionsprophylaxe" debut there was already this quite "unorthodox" interpretation of the original death/grind sound,the use of unusual (for the genre)time signatures ,song arrangements and a general aura of weirdness (not only soundwise but also present in lyrics,image,artwork).This being said ,and moving on to its follow-up in the form of "Not to be undimensional conscious" (which unarguably represents their definitive album imo) I do not think that anything on its predecessors could have prepared the listener to what is to be found in the latter - A Milestone in Tech-Avant-garde-experimental-whatever Death Metal augmented by Tomas Skogsberg at the production helm
Tech-avant garde etc may lead one to think of studio trickery,overuse of keyboards , shitloads of effects,triggers,that emphasis on technical ability,the sort that makes an album sound like a random set of musical exercises as opposed to a cohesive,meaningful collection of songs ... well , think of Voivod´s "Nothingface" album as a reference point, that is the sort of "tech/avant-garde" we have in "not to be undimensional conscious".Fukk , this is getting long ...oh well , you have it all in here except the reunion album which I haven´t eevn heard but judging by the much anathematised "Pleasuredome" album which I enjoy a lot (Think of those albums such as Manes´"Vilosophe",Celtic Frost´s "Cold lake",Voivod´s "angelrat" and so forth) I suspect "Ahead" won´t truly be that "shocking" ... classic stuff ...
Jack-Up !!!!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Lord of the Grave-Raunacht

I don't appreciate baking my balls off on 105 degree leather while sitting in traffic. As the hangover in my head pulses in and out with the waves of heat temporarily turning my world askew I look around at the pathetic people rotting away around me. Then I realize why William Foster, a simple man such as myself could snap and rain terror on the populace.


Listen to Lord of the Grave kids. For fans of Electric Wizard.

Death dealer

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lantlôs - .neon

With Lantlôs one of the most cryptic bands from the fields of Post-Black Metal is making its debut for Prophecy. After their highly acclaimed 2008 debut album, their sophomore .neon is due to be released soon.

In six psychotically gaudy sound studies, Lantlôs unfold a misty array of lost sounds and forlorn words, a depressive manifesto of contemporary Post-Black Metal. As barely any other band before them, Lantlôs manage to conjure the disturbing feeling of being cut off from the world, and they do so by employing grey walls of sound full of madness, desperation, and hopelessness. Caustic and furious, hazy and dragging, and with the psychedelic playfulness of Post Rock, Lantlôs set to music abstract perceptions such as a flight from reality or the search for support in surreal deliriums.

Their music could be compared to the French pioneers of Post-Black Metal, Amesoeurs and Alcest. Hence it’s no wonder that Neige, musician with both these groups, contributes his heart-wrenching screams to the sound of Lantlôs. Moreover, his band-mate Fursy is responsible for the album’s excellent artwork.

Sublime, tragic, desolate ... ".neon" is a musical painting, as surreal as depressive, as elegiac as grey.

- Prophecy Productions

I've been waiting and looking forward to this since it was announced.

You can also find their first album within the Xul archive.

These nights were ours

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Angelic Process - Sigh (Ep)

Released right after "Coma Waering" ... one of my favourite things metal related these days ...
leap of faith? Huh? Now there´s something I suspect K.Angylus would have approved of


Some days ago I was having this little casual chat with Namru_Xul which loosely involved a relative´s suicide,drugs,insanity and ... HAWKWIND.
Well,(un)fortunately I do not keep any archives anywhere but Namru quite blatantly
(and to my total disbelief) expresssed the will to post the latter´s entire (Official and Unofficial) discography.
Well , see this as my contribution/introduction (that "rare" bootleg I told you of will be coming soon too as soon as I find it)to your future post ,
or who the hell knows? Maybe we´ll be working together on this one...
As a taste of what´s to come here´s some random compilation cd nicked from HMV or Virgin,not too sure now,in London(center,near Trocadero) at a time when life was as simple as nicking wine bottles from Marks & Spencers(the one almost right opposite to Brixton´s tube station for instance),
selling it to local restaurant owners
for 20 quid - Tenner B bag/Tenner W bag ...
Launder,fold,repeat (locations may vary)...
...but yeah man , I DO dare you!!!!

Xul - Evil

Needless to say, you should download this just to keep up with your love of all things Xul related.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Truppensturm - Salute To The Iron Emperors

One of the best Black/War Metal bands active today, great production, no-fukking around riffs and simply killer atmospherics.
Truppensturm just don't hang around or kunt about, they steamroll over your parents and rape your grandfather, because he was undoubtedly a member of the Jew.

Armed & Commanded

Thursday, 3 June 2010


Would you take any extreme metal anthology
(be it a book , a cd , a BLOG ,whattheFever) half seriously ,
were it not ,at the very least, to feature Repulsion?
I know you wouldn´t ...
... so here it is presented to you exactly how I´d like it presented to myself -
nothing that special really, just each and every track they´ve recorded as featured on the 2003 re-issue of their classic "Horrified" album Minus the 2 live tracks which is basically filler and that annoying "extras-all-crammed-into-1cd" approach .
I can´t recommend the "WFBE" demo enough,
basically a session which predated "Horrified" with a couple of killer tracks (read:matching anything on "Horrified")
which were not included in the latter for whatever reason.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Countess - Burning Scripture

New album from this long running classic band. With Countess, you know more or less what you're going to get with each album, so you don't need some long winded report on metaphors to sum it up... it's just this... Lo-fi and simple songs that have a charm of their own that no one else can replicate. Don't know about their orthodox black metal? Then check it out or don't. Orlok don't give a fukk either way.


Distorted Cognitions


Something so utterly ugly, so disgustingly terrible to listen to, that it rots your eyes with its vibrations, krushes your nose with its stamping distortion, and shakes your brain violently like a crazed mother that has had enough of her crying new born.

Imagine finding an album that contains a song that instantly sends shooting visions into your mind of T-800's punching the fukk out of each other in an engine room, screaming their cyborg curses, and totally destroying everything. See Track - 3.

All in all, I'm glad and feel lucky to have discovered this album/band, as I believe it is a true representation of what can be created with enough wires, hate and of course, Xul in your soul/CPU.


Menace Ruine - Union of Irreconcilables

As seen and heard in the early days of Xul, we have these Canadians back with a brand new album.

Adding elements of neo-folk and industrial/noise touches to the mix, we find ourselves with a unique album.

The sound hasn't changed, just the amount of colours used to paint with.

Another interesting album for you to ponder, gaze into the abyss and seek answers as to why you're still alive.


Hell Militia - Last Station on the Road To Death

New album from one of France's 'Super Groups' featuring someone from most of the important French BM bands and so on.

Not a bad album, might take abit of getting used to.

Blood of Kingu - Sun in The House of The Scorpion

New blistering album from the Hate Forest camp.

This time around the vocals are full on HATE FOREST, WHICH KILLS.

The music is neat and tired, aggressive but clear, not as grim as HF but still grim enough.

This band came about obviously so they could carry on where Sorrow left off, just without the NSBM tag. The song writing is alot better too, not that HF had shit music, just a different approach.

Killer album, don't waste any time for this solid foundation of fury and wisdom.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Skin Chamber

The single most impressive "Industrial-Metal"(so much more than this though) albums of all time.
Hardly surprising if one is to take into consideration that both Paul Lemos and Chris Moriarty are the USA´s equivalent to,say,Einsturzende Neubauten in Europe - in other words,pioneers/innovators in the US´s ambient-noise-industrial etc scene (if there ever was one at all) ... so, basically people who´ve been experimenting with sound in general since as early as the late 70s
,having released countless albums as Controlled Bleeding prior to this "project"... and speak of longevity paying off - the way sound is used in here in order to evoke mood - space denotes exactly that imo (listen to a song like "in the sewer of dreams" to name but one) -
... and yeah ,we also have the "Metal" part to it (not that I´m in some way disassociating it from the above or anything), well , it´s 91, those of you who were around and into metal (not necessarily metal-metal,more like all that exciting new extreme music that was being released by labels like Earache for instance) can fairly easy attest that 91 was a peak of sorts(in creativity,extremity,you name it) for taht style of music thus making perfect sense that "outsiders" such as CB opted to dabble with it while doing these two albums which were quite clearly an outlet for a Darker vision.

Hank III- Rebel Within

I know alot of you pussy footed faggots will pitch a fit about this post but you can go fuck yourself. I have been a long time fan of Hank III and even though he has disappointed me a bit in the past I wont give up on him. I spent tonight getting drunk and jamming this album and it hasn't done much for me yet. I think he held back a bit for this one since it is his last Curb album. I am hoping his next record is gonna be as great as Straight to Hell. Don't let your leaking vagina stop you from downloading this. I have only given it one listen under the influence, I will be spinning it all week regardless.

Get drunk, fuck shit