Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Lantlôs - .neon

With Lantlôs one of the most cryptic bands from the fields of Post-Black Metal is making its debut for Prophecy. After their highly acclaimed 2008 debut album, their sophomore .neon is due to be released soon.

In six psychotically gaudy sound studies, Lantlôs unfold a misty array of lost sounds and forlorn words, a depressive manifesto of contemporary Post-Black Metal. As barely any other band before them, Lantlôs manage to conjure the disturbing feeling of being cut off from the world, and they do so by employing grey walls of sound full of madness, desperation, and hopelessness. Caustic and furious, hazy and dragging, and with the psychedelic playfulness of Post Rock, Lantlôs set to music abstract perceptions such as a flight from reality or the search for support in surreal deliriums.

Their music could be compared to the French pioneers of Post-Black Metal, Amesoeurs and Alcest. Hence it’s no wonder that Neige, musician with both these groups, contributes his heart-wrenching screams to the sound of Lantlôs. Moreover, his band-mate Fursy is responsible for the album’s excellent artwork.

Sublime, tragic, desolate ... ".neon" is a musical painting, as surreal as depressive, as elegiac as grey.

- Prophecy Productions

I've been waiting and looking forward to this since it was announced.

You can also find their first album within the Xul archive.

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