Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Hell Militia - Last Station on the Road To Death

New album from one of France's 'Super Groups' featuring someone from most of the important French BM bands and so on.

Not a bad album, might take abit of getting used to.

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  1. Thanks for providing this killer album to the scene!!! HAIL!!! you don´t happen to have the new ANTAEUS album??? condemnation 2016... also the split from Antaeus/Eternal Majesty - 98.... thanks, keep up the good work, I dont know if the comments section is designed for the users to provide thier wish list, but it only makes common sense that the owner of the blog will be the one reading the comments, and could take the mentioned records into consideration for future blog postings, if the requested CD´s/ albums happen to be in his collection, or if the owner knows someone in his country who does....