Sunday, 28 February 2010

Morte Incandescente

Didn't enjoy their first album much at all, but quite liked this on my first listen, more spins are needed, and a revisit to the first release is required.

Download Morte Incandescente

Ved Buens Ende

Post black metal, or "What do we do now that ripping off Darkthrone riffs is boring?" has been a subgenre of a subgenre that has exploded all over the Xuliverse in some incredibly interesting little splatter patterns. The amusing part of any band that gets tagged with the "post" thing is to date when they were originally active. In the case of Norway's Ved Buens Ende they were creating the "avant garde post black metal" back when black metal itself was just starting to peak. Thus, in the true pioneering spirit that they held, one must say they were definitely ahead of their time. The brainchild of a rather well known group of active musicians (Dodheimsgard and Aura Noir, to name but 2), VBE were basically an early jazz fusion attempt at black metal's at the time unforgiving style. This led to an incredibly sorrow filled experience that carried the atmosphere of what they were trying to accomplish quite well. Brilliantly in fact. It will definitely take some sit down and listen with contemplation time for you, our loyal Xulborgs.
Depressive before Depressive became all the rage with kids cloning early Manes via Xasthur (oddly enough they shared the name at one point). Spend some time with both releases. Written In Waters being their full length, and Those Who Caress The Pale being the earlier ep.


Saturday, 27 February 2010

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Misanthropic Art - Necrohumanity....World Self Finalizing

Cold insanity from Russia, superb chaotic futuristic horror! Fukk Burzum! Grab this!

Download Misanthropic Art

The Arrival of Satan - Vexing Verses

Horrendous Black Metal from France.
Featuring a Diamatregon member and Saint Vincent of Blacklodge, Vorkreist and Merrimack.
Psychosatanic filth buzzing around your ears like furious flies hellbent on infesting a 76 year olds corpse before anyone discovers the reason she didn't pay that electric bill, was simply due to melting into her bed four months ago.
Download TAOS

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Invisible Empire - Chants Before The Last Battle

After a sustained silence the beacons have again been receiving transmissions from the goth sectors. While not at all goth in the traditional 80s sense, it does carry that spirit into an updated electronic concept that doesn't betray itself to the "Graver" scene that plagued dance clubs with 4 on the floor sections for way too long. What you get here is a bit of a mix up.. Some coming across as a low fi industrial, some ambient structures with martial sensibilities and some of that same goth spirit coming out of the wounds. Definitely a difficult release to peg down in any simple defined genre context. Still, something here isn't quite right... a disturbing aura invading the works that wants to manifest itself, yet the artists involved still have something left to purge. A shame this was apparently a one and done band, as they definitely had some potential. For the more adventurous of you Xulborgs.


Oskar Blues-Dales Pale Ale

In my hand I hold the holy grail of all rednecks brews. It may not taste like a brew for weddings complete with shotguns and your uncle Ronny hitting on his cousin. But it will be for the hardcore drinkers in that wedding party. It pours a nice golden orange with a killer floral smell. It has a nice bitterness that balances well with a beautiful malt background complete with a slight caramel taste. Mouthfeel is medium light as usual for this type beer. It advertises as a pale ale but it really marks in more as an IPA. It weighs in at 6.5% and is excellent for pounding at your next family reunion. It would also be a perfect nightcap to spike to render your newly received mail order bride incapacitated before she can resent moving into a trailer with you.

Overall: Highly recommended if you aren't an Ann Rice fan and go fishing or swimming.

$9.99 a sixer

9/10 rednecks wouldn't touch it

Recommended listening:

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Tractus_Xul status update

I did fuck 13 year old girl
her dad did find out
police did take my computer
I met her online

This communication is being made from that 13 year old's iphone. Further updates will come when manageable until I am able to post again.

Hail Xul

Fuck Muslims

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Burzum - Belus

So, what most of the Metal world has been waiting for, kidnapped like a failed escape from jail, for you, the Xulborgs.
Now I've only heard a snippit of the first full song, and it doesn't sound like Burzum as I would have expected Burzum to sound in this day and age considering the later albums, but it does sound like early Thorns. Believe it.

Download Burzum

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Seance "Saltrubbed eyes"

A Classic in each and every way , probably the best Swedish Death Metal album of all time … what hit me straight away as I first listened to this back in 93 was how fukking HEAVY this is , and I’m not referring exclusively to the production which in itself is pretty original and refreshing given that Jensen and Co. opted not to follow the herd down to Morrisound or that other one which produced all those useless Entombed clones … when I mean heavy I mean in the way these songs were crafted and subsequentely delivered by the band ,even at their fastest (and it sure as hell gets pretty fast) it’s invariably HEAVY but the contrast between the slow and fast parts is where this gets more pronounced. The atmosphere is one of an all-enveloping pitch black nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from … add to this a guest appearance on a few tracks by In Slaughter Natives and I guess some of you will know what you’ll be in for … in conclusion ,if you have any interest in Death Metal this is ESSENTIAL.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Muzza Monroe

Not that long ago I was introduced to a couple of bands ,by Namru_Xul, which for this or that reason I feel belong in the same space (not that they are necessarily part of some moronic scene or whatever) … the bands I’m referring to are Those poor bastards ,Sons of perdition and Muzza Monroe & The lushous strings …
So ,what is it that seems to bond these together?
Basically all of the aforementioned bands prove that one can make new from old … a projection of “old” musical formats into the present day if you will… Muzza Monroe’s ethanol soaked world weary musings are just that - rock or/and blues blended together with traditional/folk (and at times the other way around and then more) and lets not forget the string arrangements (which in here are far from being just another superfluous artifice) … all of it ironically in tune with present day reality .

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Gris-Il etait une foret

Not much to say here. One of my favorite DBM bands. I spent many an hour fucked up jamming this album.

Drown in solitude

Monday, 15 February 2010

The outside Agency

I am the Vehicle through which Xul dedicates this one to all you insignificant crybabies who keep on moaning about Nihilus' "Rap" post ... in case you haven't noticed we piss all over your metal Gospel and/or everything you stand for for that matter.At the moment I am in no mood to entertain you with some moronic "review"(Oh ,this is drum'n'bass/gabbber/hardcore and it can be just as BROooOOOTal as your favourite metal band ,blah fukking BLAH!) so, feel free to dance or/and cry as much as you want to this All-out Cyber Assault on your pathetic reality.

East End Thug - Servant of Xul

You better read that paper.


A new classic

Famous Xulim



Friday, 12 February 2010

Blood of the Gods-Demo

Death crust to wreck your liver to.

We march to war

Sleeping Village

Something weird and wonderful from Italy in the form of Sleeping Village's new EP "Fragments".
This band manages to create a strange, under water/in the sky mood to their songs, keyboard use is also quite odd, this is almost soothing for the Xulborg, like a type of meditation CD when not listening to the likes of Portal and Neo Inferno 262.
During periods in these songs, you'll think you're in a late 70's/80's sci-fi movie with the way the synth is used...the guitars also have a nice crystal like sound to them, sharp sounding, but not in the same sense as black metal bands trying to obtain the ultimate icy guitar tone, which often just generates into a buzz that even the Xulim grow tired of.
From out of no where during tracks, there are clear cut acoustic passages, which are upbeat and no less enjoyable than the head-scratching synth.
This isn't something for Year-2 Metal fans, or Year-3 Black Metal fans, no..if you can't take something out of this, then you're surely in need of a visit to your local mall, or maybe you could go and download some Suffocation.
Download Sleeping Village

FDS - XII.07

Polish Black Metal, untypical for this country with its sound and production, vocals stay in that traditional Polish/Russian vein.
Three songs just under 20 minutes in total which again is a shame.
This is a nice little taster of what's possibly brewing in the full length LP pot. Oh and nothing Pagan going on here at all, a good mix of decent riffing and synths make for an enjoyable listen.
The cover may lead us to believe that this is a warm offering of melo strumming, despite the rising sun, which would tends to symbolize 'Hope' the question to ask is..what use is it over such Xulfuzed buildings? Pollution and all the damaging plus points of industry are what makes this world go round, and keeps lab nerds lying about Global Warming. Dinosaurs didn't have cars, just a proton blast from outer space. Nothing warm about this release.
Download FDS

Contra Ignem Fatuum

UK Black Metal that doesn't sound like it's simply trying to fill an empty slot in the latest local pub line up.
I'm sad to say this is only 20 minutes long, and sad because the second track, which is Black Metal, is rather brilliant.
That is, within the walls of the style it's played in, which would be atmospheric/ambient.
Tracks 1&3 are martial ambient pieces of music, which are no less good tracks, better for the fact that the first is merely leading up to 'Detritus' and the final song is almost like a farewell for now piece of beauty.
With subtle but superbly exicuted synths lingering throughout, this is a cold affair and I'm sure this band could offer us something truly seems however that there's no recent news on their movements, which is a shame....still Xul will be looking out for Contra Ignem Fatuum in the future.

Download Contra Ignem Fatuum

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bells Two Hearted Ale

Look at how fucking gay this label is. It kept me from buying this nectar of the gods for months. I eventually caved in after having nothing better to offer from a local redneck shithole liquor store. It now fits comfortably as my most abused beverage. When I die I want to be buried in the fermenter this ale is brewed in. If you are too much of a pussy to go out and experience
the wonderful world of craft beer than this should be on the top of your list as one of the IPAs you try.

It's a solid 7% abv, as high as an IPA can be before being considered a double IPA. Pours a nice clear orange color with a nice head and decent lacing. The aromatics on this beer are amazing and smelling it amongst the vomit smeared on your clothes after a night of imbibing makes you want to dash straight to the fridge for another. The taste is like hop candy. Sweet and orangey with a nice pine like bite to keep it from becoming cloying. Body is medium light as in most IPAs. Definitely a sessionable beer.

Overall: Go out at once and purchase a case wimp.

$10.99 a sixer

10/10 alcoholics agree

Angst Skvadron - Sweet Poison

"Norwegian quartet ANGST SKVADRON is ready to serve it's second psychodelic dish. The new album is complete and ready to shock, so keep your ears and eyes opened for an inspiring bunch of rock/alien and metal influenced tunes! Get a brighter look over the black of metal."

Download Angst Skvadron

Sunday, 7 February 2010

IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence

There’s actually a few resons or/and excuses as to why I couldn’t be bothered to comment on this post in the 1st place … in order to better understand this choice I suggest whoever may be interested to read Nihilus_Xul’s comments on the band PORTAL .Well ,to be honest I might as well have simply copied and pasted that onto here and it would be spot on as to what Impetuous Ritual are all about.
On a purely personal note it’s hard for me to describe my enthusiasm over both Impetuous Ritual and Portal since it has been well over 15 years ,or so, since I last recognized those very peculiar traits/characteristics which instantly identify a Death metal band… I'll be focusing on just 1 today ... that very pronounced,unmistakable,all encompassing “atmosphere” of what is usually filed under ”death”, “darkness”,”fear” etc etc … In this context , how technical the band is, how fast they play their instruments , how tight they are as a unit,how they sound in studio etc etc ,is but a means to an end(achieving THAT “atmosphere”) as opposed to being an end in itself (read all that deep sleep inducing Canadian tech crap, 99% of what is considered Death metal in the US these days,the so-called Gothenburg sound blah blah).
… Some other time depending on chemicals I might toss my 2 cents in on other words such as “Charisma” , “Visuals” and “Attitude” ,all in a Death metal context … as for now remember Nihilus’ very convenient final words “If you have any respect as a reader of this blog,take our word for it and grab this.”


Here we have the debut album by modern German Black Metallers Lantlôs, featuring the vocalist of such bands as Alcest, Amesoeurs and Peste Noire in the form of 'Neige' we have a release that at first isn't typically black metal at all, this isn't about being evil, or satanic but from what I gather...NEGATIVE.
This band uses Black Metal to create a negative energy which helps certain members of our public understand that today isn't the day, tomorrow might not happen, and yesterday was a terrible, shitty day...what yesterday told us was that it could happen all over again right this very second, today.
Like I said, this is what is being called 'Modern' Black Metal...Which hearing the other bands of this vocalists backcatalog, I wasn't very impressed with, but this album kept me listening, it's just easy to listen to.
There does seem to be an undercurrent to it, that is, if you have the Xul-Mentality, that undercurrent being the joys of vomiting in public at 5pm after drinking all through the morning, laughing as you swollow chunks of kebab again, yet standing up and carrying on with the rest of the hours left in the day, you'll probably be thinking of what to do next, maybe a dirty fukking hooker? or some drugs, either way, you're going to feel like a shitty kunt by tomorrow morning, that is if you choose to sleep it off, either way this will be your happy soundtrack in Black Metal stylee. There's nothing happy about it, but being Xul-Minded, you have to laugh, otherwise you'll explode.
Download Lantlôs

Urna - Sepulcrum

I started listening to this album and was struck by "oh no, more funeral doom"...
Then the synth kicked in...and man it hit me. No doubt if it wasn't for the synth this wouldn't be as potent, but fukk the synth adds such a different dimension to what's on offer, that it creates a dark passage way that you can't help but follow down, deeper and deeper.
Even for the non-believer in this method of music, abit like myself to a degree, this is worth a shot.
Plus there's a Beherit cover.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Immolation - Majesty And Decay

Just what you expect from Immolation, storming and dark.
The title track is rather classy, almost sounds like a classic show of "We know what we're doing kunts" and with 12 tracks, this is not just an album the band have fried up in under a day, this is a serious effort.
What are you waiting for?

Lagunitas The Hairy Eyeball


Just don't. Unless you are out to drown a negroid hooker into submission there is no fucking reason for this ale. 8.7% abv and 56.7 IBUs of asspiss.

Overall: Don't do it

8.99 a 6 pack

4/10 negroid hookers agree


There is this very distinctive "quietude" about Byla ,a sense of space so overwhelming one can easily find himself right at the center of it all ...

... some place you wouldn't mind being "the last to leave".

Vagtazo Halottkemek - Naptanc

Good ol' VHK. There are some things that are meant to be cherished. One of those things is a crazy Hungarian shaman running around in Josephs Technicolored Dreamcoat seemingly hopped up on hallucinogens immitating whale and bird sounds and screaming. Good album to listen to if you get bombed and feel like spinning around in circles like some sort of fucking Muslim, or just sitting back and relaxing to ten minute long ritual ambient tribal shaman post hardcore punk prog psychedellic rock songs.

Ride the Wonder Stag

Friday, 5 February 2010

Buried God - Dark Revelation

Modern Thrash out of Germany. These guys must have taken the same oath I did along to Iron Hammer because they piss in the hair of Pantera pussies while enjoying Kreator and Mayhemic Truth. They're obviously well versed in the metal scriptures.

Fuck Harmony

Dark Storm - Infernal Tyrant

Straight forward neck wrecking black metal by some fucking bastards from Maniac Butcher. Take Celtic Frost, throw in some Pussygods, and you've got a generic metal manifesto that will make any headbanger happy. I give this album 3.5 magnetars on a 5 magnetar scale.

Faggot Jesus

Grivf - Yggdrasil

Fuck Wiccans.

Blackened funeral doom with folk elements from some faggot in Daneland. Sounds like Nidhogg's tummy after receiving a mud enema. Good to listen to while drifting through drone nebulas or masturbating to images of slimey cunted cellulite beasts.

Suck My Shit

Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

And thus begins Xuls foray into instructing the masses on the finer subtleties of becoming a learned drunk.

Lets start off with a double IPA or IIPA, Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. Not for pussies and women. Pours the color of your piss after a night of chugging Jager and slamming a broad with the clap. Head is thicker than the stench of a nigger brothel. Smells of strong citrus hops, typical of your Pacific Northwest hops. There is also a pine scent along with the citrus. The piney aspect carries over into the flavor as well. For a IIPA this is a very drinkable beer. No harsh lingering bitterness as is sometimes shown in this style. It has a nice malt background to hold up the hops. Ends with a slightly sweet note. Body is medium/light, another surprising thing for this style. The taste lingers for a bit due to the high amount of IBUs present, 102 as the bottle claims. For such an extremely high IBU beer it's surprising how drinkable it is. You could easily get into a fight after downing 4-5 bombers of this ale being as it weighs in at 8% abv. The bottle is easily breakable for slashing your latest conquests throat. Thus saving you cash to spend on more beer.

$4.25 a bomber

Overall: Recommended if you are a hop head or need to get drunk before you beat your old lady.

8/10 dead hookers agree

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The Angelic Process

"Wall of Sound" ... Do you instantly associate the term with pseudo-intellectual humanoid garbage (NME,total tolerance,Kerrap,metal archives reviewers etc etc ,take a pick.)
dragging the term on and on from generation to generation who use it to describe everything from over produced disco/pop/metal toss (all one and the same) to simpleton noise making passed around as "art"?
Now with that being out of the way take "Coma Waering",place it wherever it suits you best,and play that 1st track ...

... it is ,isn't it? A Thick & Deafening Black Monolith shuffling forward slowly into that blinding light.

Aderlating - Dying Of The Light

Some more filth from our friend over at Gnaw Their Tongues.
Panicking sweat and visions of morbid ends scream past your eyes, heating up your ears and then suddenly you're cold as you realize you just threw yourself out of a fukking window. So at least try to make it past the first song and maybe the above won't happen.
Download Aderlating

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Post 400 Bundle Offering

Minions of Xul, we have reached the 400 mark, and for your dedicated following and devotion, here we present a bundle post to mark the occasion.
Cult USBM act's last offering, dark and satanic hymns, real ugly killer sound.

Killer Spanish assaults in the vein of the Teitanblood/Archgoat/Revenge skhool

Classy sounding sullen Black Metal from Italy.

XUL 400

ATTN: All Xulim and Xulborg divisions.

The forces of Xul have been active in their plundering of the Sectors of the Xuliverse. Expansion is happening at a rapid enough pace that we deemed it necessary to awaken Narkoun_Xul from stasis. His natural talents have opened for development a new phase for interplanetary control systems and various humanoid enslavement / slaughter tactics... We proudly and with great fervor look forward to the operations of the Xul Cartel.

Explorations have been encouraging as the battle records are revealing that Xul is indeed looking both forward and back in endeavors. New weapons have been uncovered by old favorite arms dealers. While relics have been dug up from the past as reserves for annihilation campaigns.
Inventory is growing exponentially and field reports from our various bases of operations have been rated Double Good.

Graphic interface changes by Belum_Xul have given us a new strategic view of our Xulborg tracking. Xulborg legions are rapidly growing and even beginning to spread into the various remote regions of soon to be smoldering cinder Earth. Here the charges are being set. The detonators readied. The remote trigger activated. Sorties completed.

Namru_Xul has undertaken the creation of our Xul Sinema campaign. An extremely intriguing mission development that shows great potential for reprogramming sessions for the lower class Xulborg model. Active plans to ramp up production in this sector is approved and currently in progress.

Much progress has been made over this 100 post cycle. With the next 100 showing an incredibly large possibility of projects in the pipeline. Xul's factories are fully operational. Xul will not be stopped.


---End Of Line---