Friday, 12 February 2010

Contra Ignem Fatuum

UK Black Metal that doesn't sound like it's simply trying to fill an empty slot in the latest local pub line up.
I'm sad to say this is only 20 minutes long, and sad because the second track, which is Black Metal, is rather brilliant.
That is, within the walls of the style it's played in, which would be atmospheric/ambient.
Tracks 1&3 are martial ambient pieces of music, which are no less good tracks, better for the fact that the first is merely leading up to 'Detritus' and the final song is almost like a farewell for now piece of beauty.
With subtle but superbly exicuted synths lingering throughout, this is a cold affair and I'm sure this band could offer us something truly seems however that there's no recent news on their movements, which is a shame....still Xul will be looking out for Contra Ignem Fatuum in the future.

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