Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Muzza Monroe

Not that long ago I was introduced to a couple of bands ,by Namru_Xul, which for this or that reason I feel belong in the same space (not that they are necessarily part of some moronic scene or whatever) … the bands I’m referring to are Those poor bastards ,Sons of perdition and Muzza Monroe & The lushous strings …
So ,what is it that seems to bond these together?
Basically all of the aforementioned bands prove that one can make new from old … a projection of “old” musical formats into the present day if you will… Muzza Monroe’s ethanol soaked world weary musings are just that - rock or/and blues blended together with traditional/folk (and at times the other way around and then more) and lets not forget the string arrangements (which in here are far from being just another superfluous artifice) … all of it ironically in tune with present day reality .

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