Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oskar Blues-Dales Pale Ale

In my hand I hold the holy grail of all rednecks brews. It may not taste like a brew for weddings complete with shotguns and your uncle Ronny hitting on his cousin. But it will be for the hardcore drinkers in that wedding party. It pours a nice golden orange with a killer floral smell. It has a nice bitterness that balances well with a beautiful malt background complete with a slight caramel taste. Mouthfeel is medium light as usual for this type beer. It advertises as a pale ale but it really marks in more as an IPA. It weighs in at 6.5% and is excellent for pounding at your next family reunion. It would also be a perfect nightcap to spike to render your newly received mail order bride incapacitated before she can resent moving into a trailer with you.

Overall: Highly recommended if you aren't an Ann Rice fan and go fishing or swimming.

$9.99 a sixer

9/10 rednecks wouldn't touch it

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