Sunday, 7 February 2010


Here we have the debut album by modern German Black Metallers Lantlôs, featuring the vocalist of such bands as Alcest, Amesoeurs and Peste Noire in the form of 'Neige' we have a release that at first isn't typically black metal at all, this isn't about being evil, or satanic but from what I gather...NEGATIVE.
This band uses Black Metal to create a negative energy which helps certain members of our public understand that today isn't the day, tomorrow might not happen, and yesterday was a terrible, shitty day...what yesterday told us was that it could happen all over again right this very second, today.
Like I said, this is what is being called 'Modern' Black Metal...Which hearing the other bands of this vocalists backcatalog, I wasn't very impressed with, but this album kept me listening, it's just easy to listen to.
There does seem to be an undercurrent to it, that is, if you have the Xul-Mentality, that undercurrent being the joys of vomiting in public at 5pm after drinking all through the morning, laughing as you swollow chunks of kebab again, yet standing up and carrying on with the rest of the hours left in the day, you'll probably be thinking of what to do next, maybe a dirty fukking hooker? or some drugs, either way, you're going to feel like a shitty kunt by tomorrow morning, that is if you choose to sleep it off, either way this will be your happy soundtrack in Black Metal stylee. There's nothing happy about it, but being Xul-Minded, you have to laugh, otherwise you'll explode.
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  1. This album goes well with beer and steak.