Wednesday, 3 February 2010

XUL 400

ATTN: All Xulim and Xulborg divisions.

The forces of Xul have been active in their plundering of the Sectors of the Xuliverse. Expansion is happening at a rapid enough pace that we deemed it necessary to awaken Narkoun_Xul from stasis. His natural talents have opened for development a new phase for interplanetary control systems and various humanoid enslavement / slaughter tactics... We proudly and with great fervor look forward to the operations of the Xul Cartel.

Explorations have been encouraging as the battle records are revealing that Xul is indeed looking both forward and back in endeavors. New weapons have been uncovered by old favorite arms dealers. While relics have been dug up from the past as reserves for annihilation campaigns.
Inventory is growing exponentially and field reports from our various bases of operations have been rated Double Good.

Graphic interface changes by Belum_Xul have given us a new strategic view of our Xulborg tracking. Xulborg legions are rapidly growing and even beginning to spread into the various remote regions of soon to be smoldering cinder Earth. Here the charges are being set. The detonators readied. The remote trigger activated. Sorties completed.

Namru_Xul has undertaken the creation of our Xul Sinema campaign. An extremely intriguing mission development that shows great potential for reprogramming sessions for the lower class Xulborg model. Active plans to ramp up production in this sector is approved and currently in progress.

Much progress has been made over this 100 post cycle. With the next 100 showing an incredibly large possibility of projects in the pipeline. Xul's factories are fully operational. Xul will not be stopped.


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