Friday, 12 February 2010

FDS - XII.07

Polish Black Metal, untypical for this country with its sound and production, vocals stay in that traditional Polish/Russian vein.
Three songs just under 20 minutes in total which again is a shame.
This is a nice little taster of what's possibly brewing in the full length LP pot. Oh and nothing Pagan going on here at all, a good mix of decent riffing and synths make for an enjoyable listen.
The cover may lead us to believe that this is a warm offering of melo strumming, despite the rising sun, which would tends to symbolize 'Hope' the question to ask is..what use is it over such Xulfuzed buildings? Pollution and all the damaging plus points of industry are what makes this world go round, and keeps lab nerds lying about Global Warming. Dinosaurs didn't have cars, just a proton blast from outer space. Nothing warm about this release.
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