Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ved Buens Ende

Post black metal, or "What do we do now that ripping off Darkthrone riffs is boring?" has been a subgenre of a subgenre that has exploded all over the Xuliverse in some incredibly interesting little splatter patterns. The amusing part of any band that gets tagged with the "post" thing is to date when they were originally active. In the case of Norway's Ved Buens Ende they were creating the "avant garde post black metal" back when black metal itself was just starting to peak. Thus, in the true pioneering spirit that they held, one must say they were definitely ahead of their time. The brainchild of a rather well known group of active musicians (Dodheimsgard and Aura Noir, to name but 2), VBE were basically an early jazz fusion attempt at black metal's at the time unforgiving style. This led to an incredibly sorrow filled experience that carried the atmosphere of what they were trying to accomplish quite well. Brilliantly in fact. It will definitely take some sit down and listen with contemplation time for you, our loyal Xulborgs.
Depressive before Depressive became all the rage with kids cloning early Manes via Xasthur (oddly enough they shared the name at one point). Spend some time with both releases. Written In Waters being their full length, and Those Who Caress The Pale being the earlier ep.


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  1. Great example of "metal" as audio/aural AIDS as you put it.