Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I am man

Ever think

Long after the last fool dances his sad motion and the final maiden exits

You settle down and bemoan your sad existence

There’s no more ale to strengthen you against life’s unholy test

The thighs of an unknown woman and the scent of famine and war are lost

You plow your head deeper in your pillow and sigh

You are still man

Sunday, 28 March 2010

EgoNoir - Reste...

Recent release from Van Records.
Similar to the older releases, just less varied in approach to song writing.
Good release, worth an hour of your time.


Merciless Crucifixion - Aresis

I ordered this from Supernal a year ago, but it was out of stock. Today, I received it in the mail. Awesome, right? right.

Demo from these Greeks, and I must say for a demo I'm pretty impressed. A solid offering of black/death in an old school vein. Even has a cover of INRI on it. Get wasted and enjoy.

A Bleak Legacy of Hate

G.I.S.M. (God In the Schizoid Mind) - M.A.N.

In M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic) by G.I.S.M. we have a true lost classic if there’s still such a thing these days.
To refer to this as “ahead of its time” would be ridiculously detrimental . Just imagine the most unlikely fusion of styles back when this was conceived resulting in something which succeeds at existing independently from the mere sum of its parts.
The rather explicit brit punk influence on display on the debut is very,very subtle in here,its presence is more in "spirit" than anything else audible - that "Fukk you and your expectations,punk is about doing/being what the hell I feel is right" spirit . Uchida is still pretty possessed by Glen Tipton , Adrian Smith or Mantas even . Listen to the awesome "Frozen dirt" , that opening riff is classic era Priest transposed into something altogether more bizarre/demented ...
... and speaking of bizarre/demented - SAKEVI would pretty much be SAKEVI regardless of the band behind him, I can imagine the dude convincingly doing Black/thrash/Noise/Punk/Industrial all at once ...
... as a matter of fact ,there's no need for any "imagining", he's already doing something along those lines in here...
... just fukking awesome !!!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

G.I.S.M. DETESTation (1984)

“When you put it all together G.I.S.M. is kind of like listening to (early) Iron Maiden (might as well have mentioned Diamond Head,Venom or Motorhead even) during a really ,really bad acid trip with Discharge playing really loud in the next room. I don’t know how anyone thought to combine driving hardcore/punk with NWOBHM and these unholy vocals, I just know it’s good.”
The only perhaps not so obvious reference in this is undoubtedly early SPK . G.I.S.M. just like the former is actually an acronym which has different variations such as 'Guerrilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer' (original), 'God In the Schizoid Mind', 'General Imperialism Social Murder', 'Genocide Infanticide Suicide Menticide', and 'Gnostic Idiosyncrasy Sonic Militant'.
Also much like early SPK , GISM were widely known for violence present in their lyrics/concepts and live shows, “On stage, Sakevi would often be dressed on stage wearing a balaclava and bullet belt, waving lit flares in audience members' faces, using microphone stands as clubs, and attacking concert goers as Vietnam war footage was projected behind him. In the past he has attacked photographers for taking pictures of him and has chased audiences with a flamethrower.”.
Like some other reviewer put it ...
... “ after over 25 years it is one of the few records that can still get an extreme reaction from people listening to it for the first time so long after it was first conceived. It’s one of the harshest most brutalizing rock records ever made. It’s also one of the strangest.”.



'' Created to further develop the darkness invoked by its immediate precursors, seminal black/extreme metal pioneers Hellhammer and Celtic Frost, TRIPTYKON evolved from a Celtic Frost side project initiated by Tom Gabriel Fischer (a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior), the group’s singer, guitarist, and main songwriter.

TRIPTYKON are immersed in themes such as history, occultism, human disintegration, religious fanaticism, and nihilism. The transcending and mergence of seemingly distinct forms of imagination, a hallmark long prominent in Celtic Frost’s efforts, is naturally also abundant within TRIPTYKON’s sphere of inspiration, which ranges across the works of, e.g., Pieter Bruegel, Roland Villeneuve, HR Giger, HP Lovecraft, Hieronymus Bosch, John Martin, and far beyond. ''


Thursday, 25 March 2010


To follow the release of their latest album, I thought it best to offer the loyal Xulborgs the rest of this bands hymns.

Simple Existenz - Das Leben Vor Dem Tod

Ván Records - Description to follow.

Gardy Loo - Perverts On Parade

Another posting of the man, the myth, the legend of El Duce. Gardy Loo being another hilarious descent into sleaze and bad taste. Thus becoming an essential listen for the fans of filth.
A pretty rocked out fusion of metal and a touch of punk to this one.. Definitely something to be blasted in public as much as possible. Want some deeper philosophical discussion or meanderings on the existence of El Duce? Fukk off. He'd have told you the same.


Tuesday, 23 March 2010

To who it may concern

For those of you interested in bands such as Lifelover and IXXI this could prove to be up your street..

"Woundism was started as a one man project by B aka Nattdal in the beginning of 2010. Right now more songs are being written and hopefully an MCD or demo will be released this year. Right now you can listen to one rough mix. Further information about this project will come in time. Also, a real website will be created as the main source for information about this project"
Taken from the link below

Damn the man

Ever sit at work and wonder what else you could be? Does it matter? Do you really want to work and be a nigger for another nigger? Modern work is basically modern cotton picking. The slaves are replaced with a five toothed Jim Bob operating a massive machine on his grandfathers farm. The actual niggers have been thrown into a state of accusation and denial, resting on their throne of guilt. Collecting free cash and condemning the masses. The former owners having to shell over thousands or millions in taxes. All this to a government who takes from one and throws away to another. Another that wouldn't left a fucking finger to help out another unless it is for another hand job, blowjob, stick it in my cunt and shut the fuck up. If you are middle class or below you are the over ripe blister that the government lances when needed. You take your cash for your 40+ hour work week and go home lightened of your charity to our illustrious government to run this great country. You come home to an idiot on your freshly approved and monitored digital broadcast TV. You see a great tan ape preaching to the masses. You see the masses sway. You see the bitter few that are not attuned to his mongoloid frequency. You are not attuned, you realize that you as a worker drone are once again shafted and have the fist of commerce shoved deep in your ass and you are once again raped. Once again you are left shivering and alone with nothing to do but bitch and complain. More of your meager stock thrown to the lone and disenfranchised. This is what you asked for. Eat your shit pie and keep that in mind next time you are thrown into a situation that serves up nothing but corrupt leeches with nothing but their pockets and the approval of their peers in mind.

Then you realize you need to wake the fuck up.

The World According To Calibos

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ondskapt - Arisen From The Ashes

Now this is an album I've been waiting for.
The previous two efforts have been solid rocks of enjoyment.
The first album took a while to grow for me, it sounded like Ondskapt were trying to worship DMDS era Mayhem, the album had the same feel to it, but after many listens I "got it".
Their second release was and is a haunting, powerful, tormented offering.

So fingers crossed, this effort should prove to be just as solid and maybe even more malevolent.

Update - Yep, my album of the week.
This is in the same line as a band like Ofermod...Orthodox Black Metal that has been put together like a T-800.
This isn't simply Satanic Black Metal, it's more mature than your average attempt at the Devil's soundtrack...
This differs slightly from the last Ondskapt, as that differed from the one before it, it's still the same creative talent, just a step beyond..killer stuff.

Forest Mysticism - Demo II

Another surprising find from Australia!
Here we have mid-paced Black Metal that does superbly well in capturing the feel and spirit of the more woodland dwelling 90's acts.
In no regards original, or unique.
However, I can bask in the soul of this release and remember days of old, which is refreshing when you consider all the other bands today that try their best to set light to the old flame and end up sounding like a shitty Swedish Darkthrone. This is a backwards post for Xul, the future has little to do with this release, only that the past is still being paid tribute or that most of Australia were stuck underground during the last twenty years (Minus Nazxul and co).


Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Terminator

What needs to be said about this one?

I'll tell you...if you do not own this, or have it stored away somewhere among your other mp3's within the depths of your harddrive, download this now.

Why? In 1984; a period when synth based music was at a high, this was the daddy.

Still is, what else manages to capture such steel-terror in audio/synth form? This is the original unemotional soundtrack, the best set of songs to have blasting through your headphones whilst you stalk through a busy street, searching for a hooker named "Sarah" or many hookers with that name. Just make sure you don't smile as you punch those kunts to death. Turn the volume up, burn of your eyebrows and cut your left eyeball out.

The Uzi 9MM

Negura Bunget - Virstele pamintului

New album(Not a re-make), new line up.
Thoughts and views will follow.
Update - So having listened to this now I've made up my mind.....This isn't Negura Bunget(obviously) but this is a very close cousin.
Why? Well when you hear this release you could be fooled into thinking this was the original line up, as they do a incredible job of recreating that distinctive sound that belongs to NB, however, there is a lingering feeling, a lingering taste that just doesn't go down too well.
It's a difficult job trying to recreate the magic you had with previous band members when a new line up is on board, I think you'll come to the same conclusion that I had.
This probably doesn't feature much writing material from the new members, there are hints here and there, but as Nihilus Xul mentioned to me "This seems like they have gone backwards from Om".
Which isn't a terrible thing, it's just not what you expect from a band that constantly produced such creative and unique music within a genre that tends to get stuck within time periods.
Overall, this is a good release considering the situation.
It just isn't the same Negura Bunget we all know and never will be....The next album will be the make or break release.

Trial of the bow

There is no doubt in my mind that by the time Renato put his very last touches to diSEMBOWELMENTS’s “Transcendence into the periphereal” he knew that THAT was it (“For we will not pass this way again” if irony(and actually owning cds instead of MP3s) is your thing). I mean,come on,in case you don’t know Disembowelment which is highly unlikely(only second to Autopsy in popularity I suppose),just go and download it ,or something, and then tell me of an album in the metal genre which rivals it in its unique,nearly impenetrable,inexorable expression of Horror...
...well , you know what I like to believe? I like to believe such a fucking masterpiece left its creators so burnt out that they haven't touched any metal again ever since.So , here is Trial of the bow,basically what 2/4 of Disembowelment got involved in right after the former’s demise…”Heh”, fukk going into all the 4AD,Projekt ,”ambience & atmosphere” etc etc bullshit,nothing the vast majority of you wouldn’t know already.


Here's a band not many have heard of, and even fewer have actually listened to. Thanks to the XQCD, now you've got their discography at your fingertips. Obviously, this is not the American "white metal" band. Deliverance are a bunch of quirky hooligans from Great Britain that managed to create some of the more unique music their underground tossed out in the 80s.

They started out with a debut that was just a hard rockin' Venom styled neckbreaker, but then they evolved a bit. They added some of the heaviest synth work and the most constant double bass I've heard for the time. Influences from all over the board started appearing in the music. The personality it exudes makes Evil Friendship a must hear bit of Proto BM. After that they matured a bit with a well refined third album that brought in some mainstream and punk sounds.

Do yourself a favor and check these guys out. They're a bit of metal history that never made history for whatever reason. Poor production, shit distribution, bad management, and lack of money, most likely. Whatever the case, they're an interesting listen for sure.

Your Death

Friday, 19 March 2010

Mars on Earth

Something I've been meaning to post since this sites beginnings that I've been too lazy to. These Martians visited earth to record this EP and then returned to Mars, never to record again. So one thing is certain going in: These guys are fuckin' nutters.

Mid paced unplaceable extreme metal using mechanized drums, various electronics, and moaning. If you happen to hear a garbage truck emptying a dumpster and beeping while you listen to the intro track, you will truly think that Mars is invading. I know I did.

Ghosts of Mars is a Really Bad Movie. Like, Reeeeaaaaaally bad. (Event Horizon too)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Hypnos - The Revenge Ride

A quality slab of modern death brought to you by Bruno and Pegas of Czech legend Krabathor. A more coarse sounding DM style, quite similar to you and a garbage can being dragged down the sidewalk. If one were to blast the song Spider-Werk from their car, they would be quite the Xul wigger. 4.5 out of 5 Magnetars.


Hades - Dawn of the Dying Sun

One of my personal favorites here. Mid-paced thunderous anthems brought to you by some Norwegian guy that was in Immortal and burned churches along with Varg. I'm too lazy to describe this album more, it is just simply great. Download it now, buy it later, and fuck off.

The Red Sun Mocks My Sadness

Szron - The Purificating Flame of Annihilation

Been meaning to post this for a while, but since Belum tossed up their greatest hits I figured I'd finally do it. Jew hating (sorry Horvitz) black metal out of Poland, limited to the almighty 666 copies. Solid album of straight forward black metal.

Beyond the Gas Chamber Door


A distress signal from the outer realms.

You can't quite make out what the message may be in your rational mind, but deep within your soul, you know by the terror that freezes your marrow, it isn't a positive thing you hear.

This is a glimpse at what the future sounds like, ghostly technologikal dread, sending waves of warning through your brain, urging you to ready yourself for the years to come, you'll be running for your life as the things we created to serve us serve themselves.

Run all you like, you're going to die.


Five Hundred Marks Soon To Be Made...

Szron - Reign in Frost

Pretty straight forward Black Metal from Poland here, but it is totally solid, it's just arrived 8 years or so too late.
The vocals stand out for not sounding typically Polish, IE no angry slavic MoronTroll accents finding their way into the mix, I'm glad because that shit can be testing.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Crispin Glover

Now here is one of those head scratching albums that no doubt will have you questioning my sanity as to why I post it. For those of you not in the know, Crispin Glover is an actor that has had tons of interesting performances throughout his career. Definitely one of those kult actors that creates some of the most bizarre yet classic performances to be seen on Sinema. (We hope to post one of his films here soon.) But here for your listening displeasure Xul presents to you his solo album. A pomp romp of twisted pop tunes co-written with the fine folks of Barnes & Barnes (think Fish heads). What you get are a few originals, a couple of covers (including great Charles Manson and Lee Hazelwood covers), as well as some spoken word renditions from his books. Definitely file this as one of those "open minded" Xulborg posts, as it's definitely nowhere near the metal or gloom and doom laden spectrum we tend to focus on. But there is definitely a twisted mind at work here... Which is why Xul adores the man's work.


Nephasth - Immortal Unholy Triumph

Satanic death metal from the country that gave us Sarcofago, Krisiun, and the best trannies on the planet. I'm sure you already have an idea of what this might sound like. Straight forward, satanic, cymbals exploding everywhere, SNARE SNARE SNARE SNARE SNARE. Carries an energy that leads me to believe this band probably killed live when they were still together.

The Wrath Will Be The Fire

Dark Fortress - Profane Genocidal Creations

Dark Fortress, German Black Metal champions of proper hair care. A band that typically follows a straight forward Dissection styled melodic black metal formula went astray with their sophomore release. The songs are more epic here, with solid song writing and good structure to them. Nothing amazing, but a fucking solid album of melodic black metal. The only thing this band has done that's worth hearing.

That Album Cover is Pretty Cool

Blood Stained Dusk - Dirge of Death's Silence

2001 debut album from these U.S. vixens. On this release BSD plays second rate black metal that is a carbon copy of Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse. They've since had their vocalist and a guitarist die, and have been signed to Moribund with Pest of Gorgoroth doing vocals on their latest release.

We Really Really Really Liked In the Nightside Eclipse

Isacaarum - Cunt Hackers

Class act, if not just for the album cover. Isacaarum are a bunch of drunken Czech dudes that like to play dress up. Blackened grind that basically sounds like what would happen if Carpathian Forest decided to switch genres. Typical toe tapping cumblasting music made for Devan's car.

Vagina Panzerfaust

Italian Monster

Formula 3 is one of Italy's biggest names in prog. This is off their debut from 197o. The other songs I've heard off this album were quite shit, but they were pop covers. As far as I know the rest of the album could in fact be as great as this. This song is brilliant. It's dark, doomy, and heavy. You can see the influence stuff like this had in the sound of other Italian acts that Xul holds near and dear.

Post Morterm - Coroner's Office

I was originally put off by the crazy mixing on some tracks that would go from left speaker to right speaker and then have the volume cut in half, but I've come to realize this album is pretty fucking great. Dirty as fuck, raw and rotting. Makes me think of what Severed Survival would have sounded like if it had come out in 1986. Click the link and suck the feces off of Post Mortem's dick.

Death to the Masses

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Endless Dismal Moan - Curse of Underground

According to the label, actually this album was supposed to be released by
another label and in fact they had already proceeded some discussions before
Chaos9's demise. So this is neither a collection of unreleased material nor
"best of" stuff, but a genuine original full-length.

Now I have the three albums released whilst this fukking japster was alive, and it was primitive laptop produced BM, so depending on the feedback this shit gets, we might see the others lurking about on here.

Heh I didn't even realize this kunt was dead, good job, he took his art seriously.


Negura Bunget - Maiestrit

Maiestrit is a magical and passionate re-interpretation of NEGURA BUNGET's classic album "Maiastru Sfetnic" from 2000. This record contains the last studio recordings of the classic NEGURA BUNGET line-up (Hupogrammos, Sol Faur, Negru). Both Hupogrammos and Negru comment on the background of "Maiestrit":

"A chapter is closing in our lives. Our intention was to re-en-body the purest black metal album we ever made and to do that in an impeccable manner, as black metal requires impeccability. The result of our endeavour was materialized as 'Maiestrit'.
We started to work on this album in 2007, and until the moment the band split we had recorded most of the electric guitars and the drums. Everything else was performed and composed after July 2009 (when we split up) by Sol Faur and myself, including the two bonus tracks that were especially composed and re-shaped for this album."


"I am happy to see that the last materials we worked on under the original formula of the band are now completed.

The first idea to re-record the 'Maiastru sfetnic' album in its entirety we had soon after the original release came out in 1999. It took some years, though, before we finally started doing it. Now 'Maiestrit' is the final legacy of the NEGURA BUNGET past.
This is the last studio material we started working on in the old NEGURA BUNGET line-up that featured Sol Faur and Hupogrammos, and although we completed with them apart from the band, all belong to the same spirit. It marks the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. May it be a meaningful moment for everybody."

- Prophecy Productions


Urna - Iter Ad Lucem

More quality from Urna.
You can expect the same greatness as was witnessed on their previous album, highly recommended.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Midnight Odyssey

Majestic Black Metal from down-under.
Mood driven with spirit this can remind us of early Nastrond (The last track is a good example)during parts and during solo synth work, we're thrown into Summoning-Like brilliance..
The keys take us on a journey whilst the guitars simply keep us focused, the end is never truly clear, so keep on the path and listen closely throughout.
This album has a wonderful atmosphere, vast and distant which can often have you feeling like you're right there in the middle of it all.


Mysterious French band that only produced one demo and this very album.
What we have here is an album soaked in blackmosphere.
Similar to 'Beast' Era Blut Aus Nord in its terrible sound, but not at all on the same mission.
This is ugly and dark, like a black sun burning your face off.
Now fukking do it.

Fleurety - Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis

(FINALLY) Fleurety is BACK!
Circumstancially caught up in the early/mid 90s Black metal scene in Norway,it was very,very clear from day 1 that Fleurety wouldn't be resorting to either mere pastiche or all the usual gimmickries in their vision/interpretation of BM - both common "practices" which ,by the time "Min tid Skal Komme" was released ,were already substancially watering down the impact those early 90s releases by Darkthrone,Mayhem,Burzum (and a few very selected others) had had.
What we had in "Min tid skal komme" was the same adventurous spirit of an album like "Written in waters" by Ved buens ende.Unashamedly "avant-garde" with almost jazzy arrangements while still managing to retain all the sorrowful,dark elements of Black metal.
Ok, push forward and 15 years later (you can do your homework on the band since then I guess) what we have here is the same people inviting the "usual suspects",namely Mayhem's Hellhammer & Necro and a few other less notorious people like Virus' Plenum etc to re-record some more or less obscure early demo/compilation songs . Well, the result is classic Fleurety,sounding exactly like how I imagine one of their demos would have sounded in those early days ... needless to say - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!