Friday, 26 March 2010

G.I.S.M. DETESTation (1984)

“When you put it all together G.I.S.M. is kind of like listening to (early) Iron Maiden (might as well have mentioned Diamond Head,Venom or Motorhead even) during a really ,really bad acid trip with Discharge playing really loud in the next room. I don’t know how anyone thought to combine driving hardcore/punk with NWOBHM and these unholy vocals, I just know it’s good.”
The only perhaps not so obvious reference in this is undoubtedly early SPK . G.I.S.M. just like the former is actually an acronym which has different variations such as 'Guerrilla Incendiary Sabotage Mutineer' (original), 'God In the Schizoid Mind', 'General Imperialism Social Murder', 'Genocide Infanticide Suicide Menticide', and 'Gnostic Idiosyncrasy Sonic Militant'.
Also much like early SPK , GISM were widely known for violence present in their lyrics/concepts and live shows, “On stage, Sakevi would often be dressed on stage wearing a balaclava and bullet belt, waving lit flares in audience members' faces, using microphone stands as clubs, and attacking concert goers as Vietnam war footage was projected behind him. In the past he has attacked photographers for taking pictures of him and has chased audiences with a flamethrower.”.
Like some other reviewer put it ...
... “ after over 25 years it is one of the few records that can still get an extreme reaction from people listening to it for the first time so long after it was first conceived. It’s one of the harshest most brutalizing rock records ever made. It’s also one of the strangest.”.

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