Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Damn the man

Ever sit at work and wonder what else you could be? Does it matter? Do you really want to work and be a nigger for another nigger? Modern work is basically modern cotton picking. The slaves are replaced with a five toothed Jim Bob operating a massive machine on his grandfathers farm. The actual niggers have been thrown into a state of accusation and denial, resting on their throne of guilt. Collecting free cash and condemning the masses. The former owners having to shell over thousands or millions in taxes. All this to a government who takes from one and throws away to another. Another that wouldn't left a fucking finger to help out another unless it is for another hand job, blowjob, stick it in my cunt and shut the fuck up. If you are middle class or below you are the over ripe blister that the government lances when needed. You take your cash for your 40+ hour work week and go home lightened of your charity to our illustrious government to run this great country. You come home to an idiot on your freshly approved and monitored digital broadcast TV. You see a great tan ape preaching to the masses. You see the masses sway. You see the bitter few that are not attuned to his mongoloid frequency. You are not attuned, you realize that you as a worker drone are once again shafted and have the fist of commerce shoved deep in your ass and you are once again raped. Once again you are left shivering and alone with nothing to do but bitch and complain. More of your meager stock thrown to the lone and disenfranchised. This is what you asked for. Eat your shit pie and keep that in mind next time you are thrown into a situation that serves up nothing but corrupt leeches with nothing but their pockets and the approval of their peers in mind.

Then you realize you need to wake the fuck up.

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