Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Filth of Mankind

“Why the hell is this confused twat self sabotaging his own posts?”.Did that sound redundant?And speak of redundancy,perhaps cause I know exactly where this comes from ,as in I’m too aware of the references behind this…from the very pronounced general Amebix feel of this to the rather crust/punk clichéd political content of the message(Antisect,Amebix,Discharge etc etc) ,also that punk crossing over into metal territory without quite getting there etc etc .In spite of all of this and specially if you’re lacking all the obvious references this is a more than solid release which deserves exposure imo. I mean ,listen to “obledna rzeczywistosc”(4th track) which is to me the stand out track in here ,that’s got all the elements which were so special about stuff like Amebix,early/mid era Neurosis and more ,it’s just great punk/crust(argghh!)/metal …also ,earlier on I mentioned bands like Hellhammer,Deathstrike or even Skitsystem ,well,same “organic” and visceral approach to what is on display really,the way these songs were recorded ,their dynamics,the way the band delivers them shares all the spontaneity/sincerity with the above bands…Oh well,just check them out,definitely some quality in this which might just make you return to it…

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