Thursday, 4 March 2010

March, 3, 2010



"Heroin Contaminated with Anthrax – At Least 19 Deaths in Europe ... So Far.
Since early December 2009 increasing numbers of anthrax cases have been identified among drug users in up to four European countries due to people using heroin contaminated with anthrax.
The majority of infections and deaths so far have occurred in Scotland where the outbreak was first identified. There have now been 9 deaths in Scotland with 18 cases confirmed in total. Further cases and deaths are expected.There are also reports of deaths in Germany, Portugal and, although they are yet to be confirmed, two deaths in Sweden in the past few days are believed by authorities to be due to anthrax contamination.

In Coimbra, Portugal 10 persons reportedly died from infections resulting from use of contaminated heroin. Although these deaths have been reported to AIVL through our international networks, we are still waiting for confirmation from the relevant authorities on whether the deaths in Portugal are due to anthrax. Further information will be posted when it becomes available."

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