Saturday, 20 March 2010

Negura Bunget - Virstele pamintului

New album(Not a re-make), new line up.
Thoughts and views will follow.
Update - So having listened to this now I've made up my mind.....This isn't Negura Bunget(obviously) but this is a very close cousin.
Why? Well when you hear this release you could be fooled into thinking this was the original line up, as they do a incredible job of recreating that distinctive sound that belongs to NB, however, there is a lingering feeling, a lingering taste that just doesn't go down too well.
It's a difficult job trying to recreate the magic you had with previous band members when a new line up is on board, I think you'll come to the same conclusion that I had.
This probably doesn't feature much writing material from the new members, there are hints here and there, but as Nihilus Xul mentioned to me "This seems like they have gone backwards from Om".
Which isn't a terrible thing, it's just not what you expect from a band that constantly produced such creative and unique music within a genre that tends to get stuck within time periods.
Overall, this is a good release considering the situation.
It just isn't the same Negura Bunget we all know and never will be....The next album will be the make or break release.


  1. So far,so good("considering the situation")...just made me more curious to go and check them out live this next sunday,if anything...

  2. This album has definitely been growing on me. It may not be that same classic NB I love.. But there is definitely something here.