Monday, 15 March 2010

Fleurety - Ingentes Atque Decorii Vexilliferi Apokalypsis

(FINALLY) Fleurety is BACK!
Circumstancially caught up in the early/mid 90s Black metal scene in Norway,it was very,very clear from day 1 that Fleurety wouldn't be resorting to either mere pastiche or all the usual gimmickries in their vision/interpretation of BM - both common "practices" which ,by the time "Min tid Skal Komme" was released ,were already substancially watering down the impact those early 90s releases by Darkthrone,Mayhem,Burzum (and a few very selected others) had had.
What we had in "Min tid skal komme" was the same adventurous spirit of an album like "Written in waters" by Ved buens ende.Unashamedly "avant-garde" with almost jazzy arrangements while still managing to retain all the sorrowful,dark elements of Black metal.
Ok, push forward and 15 years later (you can do your homework on the band since then I guess) what we have here is the same people inviting the "usual suspects",namely Mayhem's Hellhammer & Necro and a few other less notorious people like Virus' Plenum etc to re-record some more or less obscure early demo/compilation songs . Well, the result is classic Fleurety,sounding exactly like how I imagine one of their demos would have sounded in those early days ... needless to say - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED !!


  1. Had this for a while now, pretty solid release.

  2. Great release. A ghost of the past which reminds me that I am no longer young. Whatever happened to the Black Metal self titled Lords? Guess they got mowed down by their day jobs.