Sunday, 21 March 2010

Ondskapt - Arisen From The Ashes

Now this is an album I've been waiting for.
The previous two efforts have been solid rocks of enjoyment.
The first album took a while to grow for me, it sounded like Ondskapt were trying to worship DMDS era Mayhem, the album had the same feel to it, but after many listens I "got it".
Their second release was and is a haunting, powerful, tormented offering.

So fingers crossed, this effort should prove to be just as solid and maybe even more malevolent.

Update - Yep, my album of the week.
This is in the same line as a band like Ofermod...Orthodox Black Metal that has been put together like a T-800.
This isn't simply Satanic Black Metal, it's more mature than your average attempt at the Devil's soundtrack...
This differs slightly from the last Ondskapt, as that differed from the one before it, it's still the same creative talent, just a step beyond..killer stuff.

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