Saturday, 20 March 2010


Here's a band not many have heard of, and even fewer have actually listened to. Thanks to the XQCD, now you've got their discography at your fingertips. Obviously, this is not the American "white metal" band. Deliverance are a bunch of quirky hooligans from Great Britain that managed to create some of the more unique music their underground tossed out in the 80s.

They started out with a debut that was just a hard rockin' Venom styled neckbreaker, but then they evolved a bit. They added some of the heaviest synth work and the most constant double bass I've heard for the time. Influences from all over the board started appearing in the music. The personality it exudes makes Evil Friendship a must hear bit of Proto BM. After that they matured a bit with a well refined third album that brought in some mainstream and punk sounds.

Do yourself a favor and check these guys out. They're a bit of metal history that never made history for whatever reason. Poor production, shit distribution, bad management, and lack of money, most likely. Whatever the case, they're an interesting listen for sure.

Your Death

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