Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Filii Nigrantium Infernalium

This my dear Xulims …THIS is HANDS DOWN the best portuguese Black Metal band(which along with Moonspell pioneered the style in this country ... ok,ok,"what about Decayed?" Fukk Decayed,they never managed to impress me in the slightest)…period.
Nothing whatsoever to do with all these third rate scandinavian wannabe clone bands we have over here these days.

Oh the memories about this one… such as seeing them live in the early 90s opening for Ancient Rites (and in which Impaled Nazarene were also rumoured as headliners).The sort of memorable experience that makes one forget /ignore all the other bands playing that night(including Ancient Rites).Simply the rawest,filthiest,most chaotic dose of Anarko/black metal I’ve ever been exposed to.Remember how unique something like early Necromantia or even Rotting Christ sounded in the late 80s/early 90s? Or even the “isolationism” of Samael’s “Worship him”for that matter? What you have in here is basically the same strong sense of identity of the aforementioned bands,nothing remotely Snorre-ish in here that’s for sure.This is a product of fully understanding what Punk,80s Euro thrash,(Black) Metal were originally all about and use it all as a medium which reflects Belathauzer’s twisted charisma for which he was/is locally renowned.

P.S. Start either by the 90s “A era do abutre” EP or the “Fellatrix Discoria…” full length and then as a curiosity check the demo out which in my opinion isn’t really representative of what the band is about.

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