Thursday, 27 May 2010

Watain - Lawless Darkness

Now I'm no Watain fan, but I wanted to hear this, and's not so bad, not bad at all.
At over 70 minutes this is abit of a mammoth album, this certainly isn't 'Black Metal Reborn' as the band have been trying to claim it is.
This is just Sworn To The Dark part II, and better with it, probably what that album should have been.

Kiss of Death

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Malignant Tumour hates you

Frank Frazetta

Xul was confused to hear of the death of Frank Frazetta, a truly wonderful artist and dark inspiration in the world of fantasy paintings.

Best known for his works on Robert E Howards Conan of Cimmeria in the 1970's, Frazettas work could not, and cannot be ignored, it is unmistakeable.

His paintings always carried with them a source of meance and grimness that others have tried to reproduce but constantly failed, simply because they are not Frazetta, now Frazetta is dead, so is fantasy art.

The King is dead, long live the King.

Death is all around us

"We have lost several Roadrunner artists over the years but this is a biggie – this one hurts the most, not just because Peter was a great, great guy, but he figures so prominently in the history of this company (our first Gold album, our first radio success). He was a tortured soul for most of his life and certainly for the entire time we all knew him. Let’s hope he is in a better place."
Thousands of teenage boys around the world are crying, along with grown homosexuals.

Finally a member of Slipknot is dead, Xul be praised!
Thousands of teenage boys around the world are crying, this is good. One down, eight to go.

This just goes to show that when The Three Storms are summoned, faggots die.

Xul be praised! All hail the darkness of XUL!

GG Allin-Carnival of Excess

An album from GG that some of you may be unaware of. Originally limited to 100 copies and rarely seen, it has been reissued numerous times and is fairly easy to locate now. You can expect the same GG subject matter in this album but packaged in a slightly different form. He chose to go country for this album and it fits him well. Perfect for times when you still want sleaze in your tunes but need to relax a bit.


Sunday, 23 May 2010


Nefandus was a black metal band from Sweden, with lyrics exploring themes of fanatic Satanic worship. They are considered one of the first religiously Satanic black metal bands. Nefandus was a trio comprised of band leader Belfagor, along with Demogorgon and Ushatar.Belfagor later formed Ofermod after Nefandus split up, and has been sporadically active as a musician since then due to problems with DRUG ADDICTION and PRISON TIME. Perhaps his most notorious act, proclaimed as a “NIGGERHUNT” by Belfagor himself, was the HUNT and TORTURE of a black man with FRIENDS.


Lightning Swords of Death - The Extra Dimensional Wound

USBM from the West Coast.
I'd heard of this band from a split earlier this year with Valdur, which featured four tracks by LSOD, all appear on this full length, re-recorded with a thicker more professional sound ready for war.
Krushing Black Metal that takes no prisoners, and if it did, it would simply hold them captive to give false hope of release before death by hanging and clubbing.


Circle of Ouroborus + Crooked Necks - Ruins of Ressurection (Split)

More distant messages from CoO which from my previous posts, you know I'm quite fond of them...and introducing Crooked Necks who are more into the whole post BM thing, CoO being the highlight for me, however Crooked Necks are still worth a few moments of your time.


Saturday, 22 May 2010

Until Death Overtakes Me - Symphony II: Absence of Life

Granted, I've only listened to a handful of funeral doom bands, but none of them really hit me as particularly depressing, mournful, or made me picture anything to do with funerals. UDOM will set the soundtrack to losing your wife and new born child in a car accident, as you sit alone in your cement floored apartment listening to the sink drip. Lengthy synth laden ambient funeral doom from Belgium.

Tune in, turn on, and drop out of existence.

Absence of Life

Friday, 21 May 2010

Todesstoß - Abwegnis 121

Wroth Emitter Productions continues introducing us the works of unremitting actor of underground culture whose psychotraumatic music is as unique as for example the works of CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS, those made split with him some months ago. It should to be mentioned that his music is transforming from album to album into canvas much painful, infernal, obscene for the philistine's ears (each song of TODESSTOSS can be correlated with canvas drawn by Martin Lang or other insane painter).
The new work called ABWEGNIS 121 continues the transformation began in Wurmer Zu Weinen, namely escape from definite structure (padded out melodiousness is the consequence), using more terrific painful vocals and unpredictable sound moves. But in Wurmer Zu Weinen there seems to be some kind of monotony of vandalism taking place over listener, ABWEGNIS 121 contains various transformations, as the album consists of several parts recorder in several sessions.

The album begins from already known canvas from 2006 demo (Pantherwelle), where the transition to the new level of music only began. Then 2 songs follow, one of them being new, another one being taken from 2008 demo (Vogelmann), that was issued as 42 handnumbered tapes thus it was not available for most listeners. Structure and sound of these songs show the transformation mentioned above. There acoustic psycholullaby with clean vocals follow. It does relax one a little before 2 final canvas (12 and 16 minutes appropriately). The first one is new, second one is also taken from Vogelmann demo. The structure of first one is characterized by the new transformation with continuosly changing rhythms and the mockery over own voice, second one being the hypnotic immersion into the depths of insanity. Constant and accurate rhythm and clean, calm and sometimes deep voice does help. And in the end of the trip piano sounds appear and turn back the listener to the world of something definite and understandable. But only for the short time...

This is the kind of release Xul is all about.
Something that makes the common man bite the back of his chair through fear of understanding the black mind of madness, and dare we whisper, knowing that once this album runs out, common man will futher seek the devils advice and masturbate in the face of God.

Download At Once

Líam - Journey...Two Years And A Fragment

Yes more Shoegaze inspired Post-Rock/Black Metal, mixing things up abit.
This is from 2008 and totally instrumental.
This album can suffer with depression, and sudden highs that one may expect to feel when the sun finally shoes itself after the harsh winter months, but here at Xul, the sun only reminds us of the torture it can bring and how, as with all stars, it must one day die. There is no hope in that. Only Death.


Caïna - Temporary Antennae

Most fans of this type of music will know of this band, and of what to expect so just get on with it.


Draugadrottinn - Where The Sea Gives Up Its Dead

Heathen themes and lots about ships and sailing, somewhat Burzumic, somewhat NSBM, topped off with a sprinkling of shoegaze with a nice murky production.


Sadiztik Impaler - Sadiztik Syonan-To Supremacy

What a blazphemous beztial hellstormkkk would sound like if it was recorded with the line in ov your computers sound card. low-fi blasting satan from the Zionist city state of Singapore.

Zatanik Fukking Zipperheads

Impiety - Kaos Kommand 696

snare snare snare snare satan satan satan dum dum dum dum waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh snare snare snare snare snare snare.

Apokalyptik Nuklear Battlebeasts

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Do not try and hug Arioch

Zebadiah Crowe - The Many Deaths of The Great Beast

Nasty thick sounding Blackened Doom Metal....UK.


Ravensdöm - Demo IV

Raw Black Metal from France.
The cover art and title tracks were what grabbed my interest.
Very little is known about this band as there isn't much info on Metal Archives, just that this demo and demo II are listed.


Aska - Där Vanvett Gror

This is what Xul considers ugly, very fukking ugly.
Like a fat 8 foot Predator with slight retard features.
Unrelenting darkness blazing through half an hour of well spent time.

When I first picked up this bands demo in 2004 I was drawn to a description as to what the running theme happened to be, which was, Rape, Murder, Drugs, Torture and Hate. Obviously I was driven to purchase, and what I got was pretty much what you'll hear on this release, only this time around I wonder if this was recorded within a padded cell constructed and driven deep into the earth where only the most insane and black minds can be held.


AIDS inspires.

Stone- Sublimely Self-Righteous

Black as night black as pitch... blacker than the foulest witch.

That pretty much sums up how this demon brew pours. As soon as you put it up to your greasy pizza face you immediately are blown back by the hop punch. The taste leaves you just as baffled. Is this a fucking stout or is it an IPA? Stone as usual doesn't give a shit what you think is the norm. They brew what they want and let you wimps decide if you are worthy. They tag this one as a "Black IPA", which works for me. At 8.7% its nothing you waste on a woman. This is a perfect elixir to toss back as you plot world domination.

Overall: Highly recommended if you can stomach anything stronger than the leftover
Zima your woman allows you to drink.

$6.99 a bomber

Blix agrees!

Recommended listening posted below.


Essential if you are a sludge fan. Nathan from Stormcrow and Greg from Laudanum. Great tunes for vibing out while you rip on a fat bowl and slam back a few beers.

Get fucked

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dead Can Dance

Ironically & conveniently enough ,the best/most succinct way to describe what DcD means to me/how I perceive it all(whichever way you may wish to put it)coincides with one of their songs´ title - "Anywhere out of the world"- or if that sounds pretentious,pompous,pathetic,_____ or all of the above combined,perhaps 4AD Ivo´s(?!) words may just happen to be less (or more)so : "Dead Can Dance were not obsessed with the past, nor did they provide a sense of nostalgic escape into bygone ages. They severed boundaries and set music free from the fetters of time and place, soaring out of the immediate world".
...Anyways ... fukk what they mean to me or to anybody else for that matter,let´s focus more on what EXACTLY is in here:
1-the COMPLETE official discography (@320kbps) uploaded directly from my juuuuust as complete cd collection(just a 1 + 1/3 exception due to the (in)conveniences of vynil and technical problems respectively)
2-a bootleg series I particularly enjoy (6 over 1 hour long each cds of unreleased songs, demos,rehearsals,lives etc),not necessarily for the "right" reasons but I guess those of you who´ve been with DcD for half as long as we have will enjoy it just as much...Oh yeah, I do not own those so expect the quality you truly deserve)
3- As a starting point I´d either go for their "mid-period" albums("Spleen & Ideal","Within the realm of a dying sun","The serpent´s egg")or simply the "1981-1998 Box set" which to me represents the quintessential DcD item ...
4-"if "3-" is a point there might as well be a "4-" ...
... pretty pointless

Monday, 17 May 2010

1349 - Demonoir

The latest album by Norsenerd Idols 1349.
I've been scratching my chin over posting this or not, and as you may be able to tell, I have chosen to.
I'm still not sure, but I do know that I've listened to this three times so far, which is alot considering the amount of other crap I have awaiting review and verdict.
Each song has its own intro, an atmospheric instrumental passage dedicated to sucking you in before smashing you off your computer chair.
Compared to what this band used to do I've found this release a decent listen, their last album was different to this and what came before both, but this is somewhat more familiar only better.
This is a love them or hate them band, so this album will pretty much be on the same path.
Or you can be like me, not care and just listen.

Passing News

It was with great sadness that I heard of Dio's passing....such a tragic event...

Tragic in that the little kunt didn't suffer a more horrible death.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Dinner Auf Uranos - 50 Sommer - 50 Winter

I'd been keeping a close eye on the release of this album, simply because it was being released on Cold Dimensions(Lunar Aurora, Graupel, Trist).
We have an album that is split into two sections. The first three songs being '50 Sommer' and the last three being '50 Winter'.
Mature, German speaking progressive modern Rock is the order of the day, which at times can wear you down, slumped in your chair with no consideration for tomorrow, or the passing minutes...just cigarette stains on your lips and empty bottles at your feet.
There is a darkness to all of this, which is subtle and will show itself only to the seasoned listener, so sit back, download and wallow in your own black mood.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Bloodhammer - Monastery of Thousand Blackened Lusts

Thrashy ugly Black Metal from Finland.
Mainly enjoyable for the cover art.
At just over 15 minutes, there's not much to get bored with here.
Oh and this is a reissue(2010)

Thursday, 13 May 2010

The next generation of Xulim

The virus is spreading

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Portrait of a Poser Part 2

hi_im_adolf_hitler: so tomorrow 7pm behind the walmart on lake mead and jones
hi_im_adolf_hitler: behind the place, we can scrap there nobody will stop it
hi_im_adolf_hitler: crush a thin wimp then celebrate at the wynn
hi_im_adolf_hitler: of course that wont happen

The man from a prior exposure of Falsehood on Xul. See our amusing Portrait of a Poser
Joe did not realize that when a thinwimp summons Xul, he summons Xul's Earthbound Devastator.

The THINWIMP PERSEKUTOR is lightly amused by the empty challenges of the false.

Moon - Apparitions EP

Blackmospheric Nebulosity from Australia, another fine band from the land down under.
The Aussies seem to be one of the few peoples still able to capture the old flame.
Great stuff here, expect more from this camp in coming posts.

Cold Body Radiation

More from the Post-Black Metal genre which I have been holding back on posting recently as it's not to everyones taste.
However, with an open mind this offers some tasteful musical highs, if only in a simple offering.
Certainly worth having a listen to if you want to take a break from Serpent worshipping, hell bringing every day Black Metal.