Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Kevorkian Death Cycle - Collection For Injection

Many, many a moon ago I had the good fortune to catch on to a small local goth / industrial gig. Catching the local public transport and hanging around the downtown ghetto waiting in line with a bewildered born again Christian kid that had no idea of what he was in for as he watched dozens of black clothed heroin chic kids walking up to wait in line at the venue. He lasted about 20 minutes in line before telling us "I can't do this, man.". Off the wimp went into the night... Jesus saving him from some good cheap entertainment. A young demo band named Kevorkian Death Cycle were one of the main support acts for the local bands that showed up. They were also by far the most effective band of the night. Basically playing an early 90s strain of club fag industrial, they actually managed to eek out a few albums before more or less disappearing. This, their demo and eventual debut album was by far the best effort they ever put out. Amusingly enough, their better material is to be found on the second half of the album. For what it was, it was fantastic. Xul presents this to you as a memory of the youth of a Xulim and for your own use and abuse.


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