Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Dead Can Dance

Ironically & conveniently enough ,the best/most succinct way to describe what DcD means to me/how I perceive it all(whichever way you may wish to put it)coincides with one of their songs´ title - "Anywhere out of the world"- or if that sounds pretentious,pompous,pathetic,_____ or all of the above combined,perhaps 4AD Ivo´s(?!) words may just happen to be less (or more)so : "Dead Can Dance were not obsessed with the past, nor did they provide a sense of nostalgic escape into bygone ages. They severed boundaries and set music free from the fetters of time and place, soaring out of the immediate world".
...Anyways ... fukk what they mean to me or to anybody else for that matter,let´s focus more on what EXACTLY is in here:
1-the COMPLETE official discography (@320kbps) uploaded directly from my juuuuust as complete cd collection(just a 1 + 1/3 exception due to the (in)conveniences of vynil and technical problems respectively)
2-a bootleg series I particularly enjoy (6 over 1 hour long each cds of unreleased songs, demos,rehearsals,lives etc),not necessarily for the "right" reasons but I guess those of you who´ve been with DcD for half as long as we have will enjoy it just as much...Oh yeah, I do not own those so expect the quality you truly deserve)
3- As a starting point I´d either go for their "mid-period" albums("Spleen & Ideal","Within the realm of a dying sun","The serpent´s egg")or simply the "1981-1998 Box set" which to me represents the quintessential DcD item ...
4-"if "3-" is a point there might as well be a "4-" ...
... pretty pointless

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