Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Portrait of a Poser Part 2

hi_im_adolf_hitler: so tomorrow 7pm behind the walmart on lake mead and jones
hi_im_adolf_hitler: behind the place, we can scrap there nobody will stop it
hi_im_adolf_hitler: crush a thin wimp then celebrate at the wynn
hi_im_adolf_hitler: of course that wont happen

The man from a prior exposure of Falsehood on Xul. See our amusing Portrait of a Poser
Joe did not realize that when a thinwimp summons Xul, he summons Xul's Earthbound Devastator.

The THINWIMP PERSEKUTOR is lightly amused by the empty challenges of the false.


  1. Fucking guitar hero fagget
    BTW XUL he said I was next...waiting...tapping my foot joey...tickle tickle

  2. Through visuals alone, that 'girl' is a wimp.