Saturday, 20 March 2010

The Terminator

What needs to be said about this one?

I'll tell you...if you do not own this, or have it stored away somewhere among your other mp3's within the depths of your harddrive, download this now.

Why? In 1984; a period when synth based music was at a high, this was the daddy.

Still is, what else manages to capture such steel-terror in audio/synth form? This is the original unemotional soundtrack, the best set of songs to have blasting through your headphones whilst you stalk through a busy street, searching for a hooker named "Sarah" or many hookers with that name. Just make sure you don't smile as you punch those kunts to death. Turn the volume up, burn of your eyebrows and cut your left eyeball out.

The Uzi 9MM


  1. Terminator II should be pretty fukking awesome too...if memory isn't failing me I'd say either Graeme Revell or Brian Lustmord were involved.Have you heard a song like "Calamitous box" out of Endless dismal moans's debut?That definitely deserves a post...bands with members offing themselves tend to suck ,nice exception there.

    PS - the 4th song is fukked in here, and a few others I suspect,heard enough to be purchasing the cd so...fukk the whole matter!!Hail poppers!!

  2. Fukk...I was referring to the Negura Bunget album in that last part ...

  3. ahha , was just checking it out,neither of them was involved apparentely.Oh well, "Robocop" perhaps ...

  4. Robocop was a James Horner or Basil Poledouris soundtrack I think?
    I have the T2 soundtrack, and although good, the mix is low sounding, and it just isn't as cool as the first, not enough synth.

  5. Got all of EDM's stuff too...