Tuesday, 9 March 2010


Metal's kissing cousin, punk rock is often criticized by the metal community for not pushing the envelope enough thematically. The Misfits of course are a classic example of a band that is adored by both communities openly for their use of horror concepts. Then we have a classic release here by TSOL. Dance With Me was one of those rare punk albums that not only used horror imagery, but completely blew the doors off of the punk wagon at the time. Drug addled tales of gutter punk hippies? Political rants about the injustices of Reaganomics? Nah, how about some good old fashioned necrophilia and schizophrenia tales? Ah yeah that's the stuff.
Adored for ages for that ability to shock the fukk out of your teenage pals in earshot, and still give a good goof of a laugh in your advanced burn out age of your 30s... This is a classic of the genre that if not owned, at least needs to be understood. Have fun.


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