Sunday, 28 March 2010

G.I.S.M. (God In the Schizoid Mind) - M.A.N.

In M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic) by G.I.S.M. we have a true lost classic if there’s still such a thing these days.
To refer to this as “ahead of its time” would be ridiculously detrimental . Just imagine the most unlikely fusion of styles back when this was conceived resulting in something which succeeds at existing independently from the mere sum of its parts.
The rather explicit brit punk influence on display on the debut is very,very subtle in here,its presence is more in "spirit" than anything else audible - that "Fukk you and your expectations,punk is about doing/being what the hell I feel is right" spirit . Uchida is still pretty possessed by Glen Tipton , Adrian Smith or Mantas even . Listen to the awesome "Frozen dirt" , that opening riff is classic era Priest transposed into something altogether more bizarre/demented ...
... and speaking of bizarre/demented - SAKEVI would pretty much be SAKEVI regardless of the band behind him, I can imagine the dude convincingly doing Black/thrash/Noise/Punk/Industrial all at once ...
... as a matter of fact ,there's no need for any "imagining", he's already doing something along those lines in here...
... just fukking awesome !!!!

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