Sunday, 7 February 2010

IMPETUOUS RITUAL - Relentless Execution of Ceremonial Excrescence

There’s actually a few resons or/and excuses as to why I couldn’t be bothered to comment on this post in the 1st place … in order to better understand this choice I suggest whoever may be interested to read Nihilus_Xul’s comments on the band PORTAL .Well ,to be honest I might as well have simply copied and pasted that onto here and it would be spot on as to what Impetuous Ritual are all about.
On a purely personal note it’s hard for me to describe my enthusiasm over both Impetuous Ritual and Portal since it has been well over 15 years ,or so, since I last recognized those very peculiar traits/characteristics which instantly identify a Death metal band… I'll be focusing on just 1 today ... that very pronounced,unmistakable,all encompassing “atmosphere” of what is usually filed under ”death”, “darkness”,”fear” etc etc … In this context , how technical the band is, how fast they play their instruments , how tight they are as a unit,how they sound in studio etc etc ,is but a means to an end(achieving THAT “atmosphere”) as opposed to being an end in itself (read all that deep sleep inducing Canadian tech crap, 99% of what is considered Death metal in the US these days,the so-called Gothenburg sound blah blah).
… Some other time depending on chemicals I might toss my 2 cents in on other words such as “Charisma” , “Visuals” and “Attitude” ,all in a Death metal context … as for now remember Nihilus’ very convenient final words “If you have any respect as a reader of this blog,take our word for it and grab this.”

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  1. More from the Portal Skool, and more reason to pay attention to Australia.