Monday, 12 October 2009


Now I don't know much about this band, as this is where I've jumped on, but it is fukking ugly.
Here for you, to check out and soak up all the tank-rolling-over-skulls like production.

This is death metal, this is where death metal should be today instead of playing guitar hero and worrying more about your piercings flopping around while you headbang than actually putting thought into the music. Completely taking the spirit of what the older generations of death metal (Morbid Angel, Incantation, Immolation etc.) did and updating it for the modern world. It creates a suffocating atmosphere that is too often lost in today's world. That feeling of dread, not knowing what the music is going to do next... A single monotonous pounding on your senses. These are Xul's darlings for October. If you have any respect as a reader of this blog, take our word for it and grab this. Their 3 albums are here for your abuse and consumption. - Edited and Updated by Nihilus_Xul



  1. These albums obilterate EVERYTHING past or present or future and everything inbetween...haven't felt this strong about a metal release since "Altars of madness" was released ...a small credit to Belum_Xul for having sold Portal 3 cds with this post

  2. I couldn't listen to them at first - but suddenly it just clicked, and invaded my ears. Thick, dirty, putrid death metal. Good.