Thursday, 1 October 2009

Maniac Butcher

The Czech Republic's Maniac Butcher, so true you probably don't even deserve this. But fukk it, Xul loves em' so you better give them the reverence they deserve.

Here is their debut "Barbarians", their "Live in open hell" live album and their killer video just to prove how much they rule.

Vlad Blasphemer & Barbarud Hrom
Two and only kings of Czech Black Metal scene

They have made ultimate fast raw music since end of 80-ies.
Forever they have fought for pure Metal and never betrayed their motto:

“No keyboards !! No female vocals !!
Only pure Black Metal storm!!”

They say : “Keyboards are good for disco-music !! Not for true Heavy Metal!!
...and female vocals? We prefer to use the mouths of girls for totally different activities!!”

Need to be told anything else? Didn't think so.


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