Wednesday, 21 October 2009


When Celtic Frost released Into The Pandemonium it became an instantly confusing classic to many... The metal community generally not familiar with gothic music being fused with their traditional beer drinking and fist pumping anthems. Face it, you just can't get violent to the darkness of beautiful depression. While the album to this day stands the test of time, it's their children that would grow up to be interesting specimens in their own right. While many fans lacking the knowledge of what gothic music was, a genre of pretenders to the throne were able to rise in the metal community. With their plastic vampire teeth came keyboard soaked girly pop albums and prom dress smiles... while leaving behind the heroin and anguish of life. In other words, having about as much to do with gothic music as Disney stereotypical spooky kids. Which brings us to Monumentum... Sons of Hellhammer in their earliest era, they caught up to ITP and the works of Death SS / Paul Chain and never looked at their heroes the same. Instead they ravenously devoured their forefathers teachings and began to bathe in the 4AD fountains their parents bathed in to cleanse themselves of their traveled and primitive filth, standing to dry off in the warm winds of Southern Europe reflecting on what they had been through. They in turn became masters themselves, rarely releasing material, but like that treat of a drug you love but barely touch due to its rarity, you appreciate the buzz that much more each time you inhale /inject / ingest. They too have spawned many of their own offspring, see if you can find them lurking in the catacombs / sewers of your town, bring the needles, Jack...

Grand Injection

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