Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Killing Joke

"Influential" bands come and go... "Yes, we are influenced by some trash can lid banging out of Finland that played in 1991 and then disappeared" is informative for forum nerds, but unrealistic in actual musical impact. Killing Joke are an interesting idea for influential. They made their mark in the early 80s, went off the deep end, then came back with influences from the bands they influenced themselves. Chronos devouring his children. Only when they came back around they were a lot more lethal, less playfulness, more fire to their political belly. Songs about chip implants, asteroids crashing into the earth, the chaos of culture and pretty much every other apocalyptic theme that Xul orgasms to. All that and they manage to be catchy and maintain their own identity. Spend some time with them, get to know Jaz and company... Then go become a street preacher, sit in a park and convince all those simple minded kids out there that their lives have purpose, and it's as shock troopers in the revolutionary army. Play the pied piper and lead them to their ruin. Have a laugh or two... Start around Democracy. While not their most essential work, it's just an old fashioned good album. Then explore around the minefield of their work. A few of the albums are here, but just enough to give you what you need, like a good dealer does with your first tastes...


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