Friday, 9 October 2009


What is cold music to you? What is isolation? Bleakness? Do you ever really think about it or do you just openly follow descriptions placed as a marketing term? Do the three chord rhythms of Darkthrone and their multi-generational spawn become the de facto definition of cold? Xul laughs at you. Before the nordic-trax came to prominence their entire claim to fame was already written and mastered by another, from American shores none the less.
Welcome to Lycia... Xul's masters of the frozen spirit. Gothic music slowed down to a glacial crawl, reverbed waves of guitar and ghost like vocals, later evolving into an ethereal vocal styled funeral party, that no one came to except the deceased and the stranger that stumbled upon the grave by accident. He felt the power of the departed and could do nothing but be stricken with waves of memories of a life he never knew. Lycia is that memory, sweeping over you and never letting your soul rest again. You will hear them and suddenly realize the impact they made upon black metal, doom, gothic, etc... Like that grave, only there to be seen and discovered, but hardly noted in the grand scheme of things. Xul remembers you, Xul speaks your name.
Contained here is their discography, start with A Day In The Stark Corner, Cold and Ionia. Then keep exploring on and on...


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