Friday, 16 October 2009

--- Lunar Aurora ---

Lunar Aurora
They may have started off as a band that you could compare to Nightside Emperor but they took such a different path that today you can't mention both in the same line anymore.
A band that always managed to capture the feeling of being bathed in moonlight, engulfed by darkness and shocked cold by grim landscapes put forward through their harsh sounds of melancholy. Alot of bands claim to devote themselves to the black of night, but in their sound I never really hear it, these Germans however, hearing their anthems of nocturnal worship, I believe what I hear, the spirit is there.

Every album brought something new to the table, by sound and design and yet as they aged they grew slower, more thoughtful and in parts heavier yet they always knew and never forgot how to switch to intense mode. These changes were mostly due to the change in line up, as members switched instruments and got on with the job.
Towards the end of their days the "Normal" formula was thrown aside in favour of a more brooding and Xul-infused sound & style, Zyklus is a stand out moment for this where as Mond seemed like a statement along the lines of 'We can still produce a blistering album without much effort, yet it will still kick your faces in' .

Elixer of Sorrow is the turning point album in this collection, I suggest listening to them in the order they were released to understand and gain a picture of how this story happened, and why this great band called it a day to vanish into the shadows.
Individuals have now sought different paths in music and art, and we wait for the day when they gather and summon Lunar Aurora once more...

Here Xul gives you their entire Discography to devour and absorb.

Note - Seelenfeuer is the remastered edition, with bonus track and Ars Moriendi is the SupernalMusic release, with extra guitar layers.

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