Saturday, 10 October 2009


The concept of being a kult band is so often wasted on those that simply made a career out of cloning a band from prior eras and milking their status. Instead of encouraging an individual stance towards the creation of music (art), too many artists are more than content with simply mailing in albums that have nothing to say other than a few childish screams of blasphemy. Is paying homage to a band by stealing their sound really necessary? (Xul mocks them) What Xul reveals to you now is Zaratustra, a fantastic one and done band that released their lone offering "It was a night" to the world with no acclaim at all, disappeared and still have nothing to be remembered by. No bands formed after, no reunions, nothing... Which is really quite charming to know that this creation is the lone offering of the individuals that made it. Telling you this is an atmospheric black metal album is only the most generic and vague of descriptions, really... this is so much more.


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