Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Igra Staklenih Perli

Ah, just look at that album cover. Brings me back to the days of my youth spent scowling about on Nibiru 9. Perched upon a large mushroom while injecting myself to glory, watching intergalactic kriegwhales drift through the clouds of methyl alcohol. What joy it was to hear their mournful cry while feasting upon kebabs my enslaved pet Muslim had brought me. Good ol' what's his name, I knew him well. But that's enough reminiscing. Before you is a classic of psychedelic prog. 1979 debut from these Yugoslav space rockers. If that cover isn't enough to make you want to hear this dark masterpiece, you need to mainline heroin until you cease breathing. Do so regardless, as it will enhance your listening pleasure ten fold.

Floating Eye 1
Floating Eye 2


  1. Great post nig.Both albums are great.Infinitely better than some pseudo-underground 3rd rate Wimperor wannabe bs and dull as fukk life metal stuff posted by some konfused disciples.

  2. Tractus_Xul needs some Guru Guru & Ash Ra Temple in his life and as for new bands dabbling with this type of sound Silvester Anfang's "Sylvester Anfang 2" album should prove interesting..."Funeral folk" they call it haha.

  3. Tractus_Xul needs cancer.