Wednesday, 7 October 2009


What is the Xul mind? Xul is not a simple blog to spread musical propaganda. Xul is the collective hive mind of the degenerate scum that create and post only in order to further its own interest. It is the mindset that speaks within, saying "I am a cog in the Xul Ex Machina.". It is a systematic tool dedicated to the advancement and celebration of the human race from the traditional man into the cyborg era. The necessary evolution of our species. Xul promotes this through the simple realization that while the past is already written, the future is still to come. Our logical future is the rise of the cyborg. We are melding with out technology and it will make us greater. The past will be dead in man. Thus, to celebrate this eventual outcome, we feel it is time to get rid of the old and embrace the new. The Xulborg era begins. Humans conditioned with a single mind purpose, programmed to complete their own tasks in order to serve the greater Xul mind. To begin to understand how to approach this mindset, you must begin to understand yourself.
Drugs and alcohol are an essential part of this conversion, for to understand your own place in the universe, you must first smash down the walls of consciousness in your own mind.
Destroying yourself on various chemicals and substances will give the desired effect. However, it is still up the individual to be able to reconstruct their mind in a form that will be able to understand the purpose of what we are trying to accomplish.
The removal of emotion and morality is the next part of this, kill yourself inside your heart and you can calmly and coldly realize the processes at work around you. Decide how to best to deal with them, and then simply execute plans. No remorse or second thought given. It serves Xul, thus it serves you.
The removal of oneself from the human condition is the next step. You've probably felt alienation from people and the World for a good deal of your life. Continue that to its logical conclusion and alienate yourself from the past human. Much like removing yourself from the Matrix, you must unplug yourself from the World around you and see it for what it is. A maze for rats and insects, scurrying around. Rats eat the insects, and greater beasts devour the rats. A rat may chew the wiring of a machine, so one must take care to maintain the equipment in order to keep them at bay. The plights and concerns of most humans are not your own. You have a loftier goal in your programming. As Xul commands, you obey.

Further information to be discussed at later briefings.

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