Thursday, 18 February 2010

Seance "Saltrubbed eyes"

A Classic in each and every way , probably the best Swedish Death Metal album of all time … what hit me straight away as I first listened to this back in 93 was how fukking HEAVY this is , and I’m not referring exclusively to the production which in itself is pretty original and refreshing given that Jensen and Co. opted not to follow the herd down to Morrisound or that other one which produced all those useless Entombed clones … when I mean heavy I mean in the way these songs were crafted and subsequentely delivered by the band ,even at their fastest (and it sure as hell gets pretty fast) it’s invariably HEAVY but the contrast between the slow and fast parts is where this gets more pronounced. The atmosphere is one of an all-enveloping pitch black nightmare you can’t seem to wake up from … add to this a guest appearance on a few tracks by In Slaughter Natives and I guess some of you will know what you’ll be in for … in conclusion ,if you have any interest in Death Metal this is ESSENTIAL.

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