Friday, 12 February 2010

Sleeping Village

Something weird and wonderful from Italy in the form of Sleeping Village's new EP "Fragments".
This band manages to create a strange, under water/in the sky mood to their songs, keyboard use is also quite odd, this is almost soothing for the Xulborg, like a type of meditation CD when not listening to the likes of Portal and Neo Inferno 262.
During periods in these songs, you'll think you're in a late 70's/80's sci-fi movie with the way the synth is used...the guitars also have a nice crystal like sound to them, sharp sounding, but not in the same sense as black metal bands trying to obtain the ultimate icy guitar tone, which often just generates into a buzz that even the Xulim grow tired of.
From out of no where during tracks, there are clear cut acoustic passages, which are upbeat and no less enjoyable than the head-scratching synth.
This isn't something for Year-2 Metal fans, or Year-3 Black Metal fans, no..if you can't take something out of this, then you're surely in need of a visit to your local mall, or maybe you could go and download some Suffocation.
Download Sleeping Village

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