Thursday, 11 February 2010

Bells Two Hearted Ale

Look at how fucking gay this label is. It kept me from buying this nectar of the gods for months. I eventually caved in after having nothing better to offer from a local redneck shithole liquor store. It now fits comfortably as my most abused beverage. When I die I want to be buried in the fermenter this ale is brewed in. If you are too much of a pussy to go out and experience
the wonderful world of craft beer than this should be on the top of your list as one of the IPAs you try.

It's a solid 7% abv, as high as an IPA can be before being considered a double IPA. Pours a nice clear orange color with a nice head and decent lacing. The aromatics on this beer are amazing and smelling it amongst the vomit smeared on your clothes after a night of imbibing makes you want to dash straight to the fridge for another. The taste is like hop candy. Sweet and orangey with a nice pine like bite to keep it from becoming cloying. Body is medium light as in most IPAs. Definitely a sessionable beer.

Overall: Go out at once and purchase a case wimp.

$10.99 a sixer

10/10 alcoholics agree

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