Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Invisible Empire - Chants Before The Last Battle

After a sustained silence the beacons have again been receiving transmissions from the goth sectors. While not at all goth in the traditional 80s sense, it does carry that spirit into an updated electronic concept that doesn't betray itself to the "Graver" scene that plagued dance clubs with 4 on the floor sections for way too long. What you get here is a bit of a mix up.. Some coming across as a low fi industrial, some ambient structures with martial sensibilities and some of that same goth spirit coming out of the wounds. Definitely a difficult release to peg down in any simple defined genre context. Still, something here isn't quite right... a disturbing aura invading the works that wants to manifest itself, yet the artists involved still have something left to purge. A shame this was apparently a one and done band, as they definitely had some potential. For the more adventurous of you Xulborgs.


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