Saturday, 12 June 2010

Eat my Fuk - "Wet slit & a bottle of whiskey"

"Searching for books about the history of whisky, Amazon's superb software and search tool showed me this CD which I could never have imagined would come up in Amazon's website (check the titles!). To me Amazon is a "G" rated website. But with this example, it shows bad taste, bad judgement, interest in selling just about anything without quality control; quality meaning not just a non defective product but moral, ethical and intellectual quality. Amazon and Jeff Bezos, both highly praised for exceptional customer service, show their dark side, one not imagined, at least by me, as possible in this website. THUMBS DOWN AND SHAME ON YOU AMAZON AND JEFF(Benzos)!!!! "
Well ,it´s Chris Reifert(again) ,what is there to say ?
Highly recommended for fans of Emperor,Wagner,Nietzzzzzsche,french wines ,LaVey and all things intelligent/intellectual I guess ...

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